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Adds `FStrings.jl`

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......@@ -125,6 +125,7 @@ Wrappers's and programming API's for other languages and general backend server
+ [Processing.jl]( :: A port of the Processing language, to Julia.
## Python
+ [FStrings.jl]( :: Implementation of Python style 'fsrings' literal string interpolation based on `[email protected]`.
+ [Polyglot.jl]( :: Transparent remote/recursive evaluation between languages - it also supports Perl, PHP and Javascript.
+ [PyCall.jl]( :: Call Python functions from the Julia language.
+ [PyJulia]( :: Python interface to julia.
......@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ API,MATLAB,Moonwalk.jl,,"A partial MATLAB
API,ObjectiveC,ObjectiveC.jl,,A Julia library that allows you to call Objective-C methods using native syntax.
API,Perl,FileFind.jl,,Minimal Implementation of Perl's `File::Find` in Julia.
API,Processing,Processing.jl,,"A port of the Processing language, to Julia."
API,Python,FStrings.jl,,"Implementation of Python style 'fsrings' literal string interpolation based on `[email protected]`."
API,Python,FStrings.jl,,Implementation of Python style 'fsrings' literal string interpolation based on `[email protected]`.
API,Python,Polyglot.jl,,"Transparent remote/recursive evaluation between languages - it also supports Perl, PHP and Javascript."
API,Python,PyCall.jl,,Call Python functions from the Julia language.
API,Python,PyJulia,,Python interface to julia.
......@@ -266,6 +266,7 @@ Algorithms,[SAT](,d
Algorithms,[SAT](,PicoSAT.jl,,Provides Julia bindings to the popular SAT solver picosat by Armin Biere. It is based off the Python pycosat and Go pigosat bindings written by Ilan Schnell and Willam Schwartz.
Algorithms,[SAT](,Z3.jl,,This is a Julia interface to Z3 - a high performance theorem prover developed at Microsoft Research. Z3 can solve satisfiability modulo theory (SMT) problems.
Biology,,COBRA.jl,,"COnstraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis, used to perform COBRA analyses such as Flux Balance Anlysis (FBA), Flux Variability Anlysis (FVA), or any of its associated variants such as `distributedFBA`."
Biology,API's,BioServices.jl,,Julia interface to APIs for various bio-related web services
Biology,BIOINFORMATICS,Bio.jl,,Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Infrastructure for Julia. Wiki documentation of [core features](
Biology,BIOINFORMATICS,Circuitscape.jl,,The Julia implementation of the [Circuitscape lib in Python]( that uses electronic circuit theory to solve problems in landscape ecology.
Biology,BIOINFORMATICS,EMIRT.jl,,Electron Microscopy Image Reconstruction Toolbox using julia language.
......@@ -291,6 +292,7 @@ Biology,[Agronomy]([ForestMod
Biology,[Agronomy]([ForestModelling](,LAIscript,,scripts to automatically run LAI calculations with ODBC link to custom database.
Biology,AquaticEcology,Iceberg.jl,,Ice-seawater interface calculations using level set methods.
Biology,AquaticEcology,TEOS.jl,,Julia wrapper for TEOS-10 Gibbs Seawater Oceanographic Toolbox.
Biology,GENOMICS,BioAlignments.jl,, Sequence alignment tools in BioJulia
Biology,GENOMICS,BioArgParse.jl,,"Extension to 'ArgParse.jl', enabling parsing of command line parameters to types in 'Bio.jl'."
Biology,GENOMICS,BioSeq.jl,,"Julia's package for working on Bioinformatics with DNA, RNA and Protein Sequences."
......@@ -300,12 +302,14 @@ Biology,GENOMICS,Ensemble.jl,,Ensemble Sample
Biology,GENOMICS,FastaIO.jl,,Utilities to read/write FASTA format files in Julia.
Biology,GENOMICS,FusionDirect.jl,,Detect gene fusion directly from raw fastq files.
Biology,GENOMICS,GenomeAnnotations.jl,,Manage Local Genome Annotation files.
Biology,GENOMICS,GenomeGraphs.jl,, A modern genomics framework for julia
Biology,GENOMICS,Gillespie.jl,,Stochastic Gillespie-type simulations using Julia.
Biology,GENOMICS,gtf-parse-off,,Experiments with parsing gene transfer format (GTF).
Biology,GENOMICS,HTSLIB.jl,,A julia wrapper of htslib for accessing common high-throughput sequencing data file formats such as BAM/SAM files.
Biology,GENOMICS,HyperNEAT.jl,,A generative encoding for evolving ANN based on the NeuroEvolution of Augmented Topologies (NEAT) algorithm for evolutionary computation.
Biology,GENOMICS,IntervalTrees.jl,,A data structure for efficient manipulation of sets of intervals.
Biology,GENOMICS,MerCounting.jl,, Kmer counting algorithms and count-data utilities for the BioJulia framework
Biology,GENOMICS,LCS.jl,,A package for finding longest common and longest contiguous subsequences.
Biology,GENOMICS,OBC.jl,,Optimal Bayesian classification for RNA-Seq data.
Biology,GENOMICS,OpenGene.jl,,OpenGene core library in Julia.
......@@ -333,6 +337,7 @@ Biology,GWAS,StatGenData.jl,,Statistica
Biology,GWAS,VarianceComponentTest.jl,,A Julia package for performing exact variance component tests in genome-wide association study (GWAS).
Biology,Resources,ikipedia's [list of RNA-Seq bioinformatics tools,", not many of which are in Julia but depending on the language, they may have an API",
Biology,Resources,Data Analysis for Genomics, : This is entirely in R-language but learners can use it to learn Julia,
Biology,Resources,BioTutorials, : Tutorial Notebooks of BioJuli,
Biology,MolecularBiology,EvoDuplexes.jl,,A Julia package to fold all local and long-range RNA duplexes.
Biology,[Single-CellSequencing](,CellFishing.jl ,,"(cell finder via hashing) is a tool to find similar cells of query cells based on their transcriptome expression profiles, a.k.a. single-cell sequencing."
Biology,[MIOCROSCOPY](,MicroscopyLabels.jl,,Embed annotations in your microscopy images.
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