1. 07 Nov, 2021 4 commits
  2. 13 Aug, 2021 15 commits
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      archwiki: Add jp to -language= completions · 2c721e7f
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Updating because of !25.
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      Merge branch 'integrated-bash-completions' into 'master' · dfaa9820
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Allow elvi to specify their own completions.  Also includes some miscellaneous cleanup and updates to elvi.
      See merge request !15
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      Document bash completions · 3e831c02
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
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      debbugs: Update available tags · a2420193
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      This also removes a duplicate of the "tag" value in the help text for
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      finkpkg: Update values of -dist= and -section= · b2908ca9
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Maybe the values of -dist= were that limited back then.  But why weren't
      versions before 10.4 shown?
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      aur: Remove categories code · 9dba613d
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      According to Jason, category was removed as part of an upgrade to the
      AUR.  See #14.
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      musicbrainz: Sync help text with code · 15458b3f
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      So it appears that "freedb" was duplicated in the help because there are
      two FreeDB search categories--the normal one and one for IDs.
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      debpkghome: Add package completion · 9329f3d0
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      It's a bit hacky, but it should do for the usecases I can think of:
        1. quickly getting to the homepage of a package just thought of; or
        2. getting to the homepage of a package you've downloaded.
      (1) is just a plain package name, and (2) is the `.dsc` and `control`
      file completion.  It's pretty likely for the files to be close by, so
      the limits I've placed on (2) shouldn't interfere *too* much.
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      Add package completions for archpkg and genportage · b3f664dd
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Gentoo's package management confuses me, from what I could find from
      research on the internet.  Package completions for Gentoo systems are
      for another time.
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      finkpkg: Add completion for -pkg= · d3186c07
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Its args seem to be used for the "summary" field, which is more than
      just for a package name.
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      Re-implement package-name completions · ed6d4f9a
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Now the completions for these elvi can have the same behaviour they had
      before this branch.
      It's a bit unwieldy to do this for *every* elvis that needs it.  Oh
      well.  Customisability is good.
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      Add package-name completion function · 2704635a
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      This works on Debian-based systems like before, but also systems with
      `pacman`, `yum`, or `fink`.  I don't actually have any of these systems
      though.  I just used online documentation.
      The `pacman` support queries the remote repos for its completions.  So,
      I wonder if completing on Arch has to make network requests every time.
      They also support hyphen-prefixed inputs, such as `sr $elvis -gcc<TAB>`.
      It's unlikely, but completing shouldn't spit out errors because of bad
      input.  Hopefully yum and fink support the end-of-options convention.
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      Add custom completions for each elvis · 6747c95f
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      I tended to follow the options documented in the help output.  Some were
      so big that I didn't want to do them fully, others were outdated, and
      some diverged from what the code actually did.
      As for `scpan`, I wonder why the env var for `-search=` is
      `SURFRAW_scpan_opts` instead of `SURFRAW_scpan_search`, which would be
      the usual.  There's no semantic difference since nothing special is done
      to that value.  Maybe for ease of remembering?
      The `W` elvis uses the default bash completer since it shouldn't
      complete random words.  It's essentially an alias for `$SURFRAW_browser
      As for `aur`, its completions for `-language=` were taken from the
      languages mentioned explicitly by the code.  I don't know what any of
      the other supported languages are, if any.
      The values of `-distro=` for `debcontents` and `debpackages` are
      outdated, but it's better to have completions than none at all.  See #15
      for updating this.
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      Provide richer completions · 297f10e4
      Gabriel Lisaca authored
      Each elvis can now specify its completions.  This should be agnostic to
      shells--it just needs to have a completion script written for it.
      This sources surfraw, so it needs to handle being run in a login shell.
      Otherwise, `w3_argv0` would execute `basename -bash` after expansion,
      and `basename` would try to parse `-bash` as the options `-b`, `-a`,
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      Fix - test: too many arguments · 1ff34153
      Sascha authored
      This commit will fix following error:
      .../bin/surfraw: line 487: test: too many arguments
      when surfraw is called with multiple browser arguments
      as seen in following command.
      SURFRAW_graphical=no \
      SURFRAW_text_browser=w3m \
      SURFRAW_text_browser_args="-dump -cols 2" \
      surfraw duckduckgo hello
      Update AUTHORS and ChangeLog
      - Add change to ChangeLog
      - Add myself to AUTHORS
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