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Autodevops how to docs clarifications

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......@@ -62,7 +62,16 @@ gdk reconfigure
This script will create all necessary configuration for one to run Auto DevOps locally. Including assigning two random ports for GitLab instance and GitLab Registry. It's important that this ports are randomized so we avoid colliding two developers with the same ports.
After the script finishes, it will inform you of the `GitLab` and `Registry` URLs.
After the script finishes, it will inform you of the `GitLab` and `Registry` URLs. For example:
Tunnel URLs
GitLab: https://[PORT]
Registry: https://[PORT]
If the ports generated aren't suitable (they collide with someone else's), you can modify `auto_devops_gitlab_port` and `auto_devops_registry_port` directly, or generate a new random pair:
......@@ -77,8 +86,7 @@ Finally, run the below command to start all the services:
port=8080 gdk run
Now login as root using the default password and change your password.
Now login as root using the Gitlab tunnel URL (`https://[PORT]`) and the default password. Once you are logged in, change the default password.
**IMPORTANT**: You should change your root password since it is now internet
accessible. You should also disable a new users registration feature on
......@@ -117,7 +117,11 @@ ResponseError: code=403, message=Insufficient regional quota to satisfy request:
this would indicate you have reached your limit of persistent disks. See [how
to clean up unused persistent disks above](../
### SSH requires a passphrase
### 502 Bad Gateway
There are two known reasons for which you may receive a 502 Bad Gateway response when opening the application using the tunnel URL:
#### SSH requires a passphrase
For GDK to run, it needs to be able to SSH into `` without user input. The following steps will allow you to authenticate without entering your passphrase on future logins:
......@@ -125,3 +129,17 @@ For GDK to run, it needs to be able to SSH into `` without
1. Enter your passphrase.
If not set up correctly, expect `502 Bad Gateway` responses when navigating to `<gitlab-number>` and the string `Enter passphrase for key '/Users/username/.ssh/id_rsa'` to pepper the GDK logs.
#### Procfile was not updated properly
After following the steps indicated in the [autodevops guide](../, the Procfile located in the root of the GDK installation won’t have the tunnel configuration. If the Procfile is correct, you should find these lines:
# Tunneling
tunnel_gitlab: ssh -N -R [PORT]:localhost:$port
tunnel_registry: ssh -N -R [PORT]:localhost:5000
The `tunnel_gitlab` and `tunnel_registry` lines may be commented out. If that’s the case, you can either delete the Procfile file and run `gdk reconfigure` or uncomment those lines and replace `[PORT]` with the ports specified in the `auto_devops_gitlab_port` and `auto_devops_registry_port` files.
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