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    • Daniel Silverstone's avatar
      Merge branch 'fix-reference' into 'main' · b244f0ee
      Daniel Silverstone authored
      fix: reference.md
      Closes #185
      See merge request larswirzenius/subplot!156
    • Lars Wirzenius's avatar
      fix: actually run the right subplot binary · 581a0db3
      Lars Wirzenius authored
      This bug is dedicated to the screenwriters of the movie Inception.
      We are verifying, in reference.md, that the version of Subplot in the
      current source tree can still run the subplot from an older version of
      Subplot. The goal is to make sure that what worked doesn't
      accidentally stop working. We want to break backwards compatibility
      only on purpose.
      This commit fixes a problem in reference.md: it wasn't running the
      Subplot binaries built from the current source tree, but ones
      installed system-wide into /usr/bin. This was due to a fairly
      intricate bug.
      reference.md generates an outer test program, which clones a specific
      older version of Subplot, and generates an inner test program, using
      subplot.md from that older version. By default, that inner test
      program uses the Subplot binaries built from the inner source tree,
      but for reference.md we don't that.
      To get the inner test program to use the right binaries, we need to
      add the directory where they are to $PATH, and also set SUBPLOT_DIR in
      the environment to any value. If SUBPLOT_DIR is set, the inner test
      program won't generate a wrapper around the Subplot binaries that
      forces use of the build location of the inner, older Subplot source
    • Lars Wirzenius's avatar
      fix: improve logging in runcmd_run · f612b399
      Lars Wirzenius authored
      kwargs are logged as a dict. This helps me debug why reference.md fails.
  8. 24 Apr, 2021 8 commits