Version 0.9.1

Release Notes:

  • macOS Support Alpha: support for macOS is now in alpha. There is very little documentation, and quite a few hacks, but core functionality works.
  • Sublime Music is more resilient to certain libraries or functionalities not existing on the system. (Namely libnotify, NetworkManager, and DBus.)
  • Sublime Music now prompts you to confirm you actually want to delete the playlist. (#81)
  • Playlist and Artist info now scroll with the rest of the content which makes Sublime Music usable on smaller screens. (#152)
  • Worked with deluan to support the Navidrome server.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Sublime Music no longer explodes when you say "don't save password" in your keyring notification popup.
    • The NM library is used instead of the deprecated NetworkManager and NMClient. (Contributed by @anarcat.)
    • Fixed some bugs where the state of the application wouldn't update when you deleted/downloaded songs from certain parts of the application.