Release Notes:

This is the first v0.9.* release. I've decided to bump the minor version, since this is the first release where I feel that all core functionality works. All of the releases in the v0.9.* series will build towards the v1.0.0 release.

  • New logo that isn't total garbage. By mountdesign on Fiverr. (#110)
  • Cover art for a given album is now only stored once at high resolution and scaled whenever used.
  • The shuffle and repeat buttons are now toggle buttons, and no longer rely on the icon theme to provide context as to whether they are activated or not. (#125)
  • Added support for Replay Gain option which is available from the Application Settings dialog. (#137)
  • All of the buttons that are only icons now have tooltips describing what they do.
  • Bug Fixes
    • The year inputs on the Albums tab no longer allow for non-numeric inputs, and are generally way less janky. (#123)
    • When dealing with track covers, the song.coverArt property is used instead of the (Contributed by @sentriz.)
    • The Albums tab no longer loads infinitely when there are more than 500 albums in the results. (Contributed by @sentriz.)
    • The Albums tab doesn't flicker every single time an update is called from the top level. (#114)
    • Fixed issue with setting the title of the "Edit/Add Server" dialog.
  • Infrastructure
    • Enabled a bunch of flake8 linter extensions including:
      • Enforcing using type hints on all function declarations.
      • Enforcing no print statements via flake8 instead of my janky script.
      • Enforcing no use of % style string formatting.

      These changes resulted in a lot of code cleanup.