Version 0.11.1

Release Notes

Feature Improvements

  • Albums are sorted by year on the Artists detail view. (Contributed by @sentriz.)
  • If the server doesn't support it, the Load Play Queue button on the Play Queue popup is now hidden. (#203)
  • If the server doesn't support them, the "by year" and "by genre" sort options on the Albums tab are disabled. (#203)
  • The app ID has been changed from com.sumnerevans.SublimeMusic to app.sublimemusic.SublimeMusic. (#170)
  • Better errors are shown on the Configure Provider dialog when there are SSL errors connecting to the Subsonic server. (#236)
  • Playlists are prefetched on server connect to avoid lots of cache miss errors on the DBus diffing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where users couldn't log in to LMS due to Sublime Music always sending version number "1.15.0" instead of figuring out what version of the API the server actually reports.
  • Fixed issue where edits to the music provider configurations were applied even if ESC was pressed. (#247)
  • Fixed issue where pressing next/previous would start playing even if the player was paused. (#131)
  • Fixed issue where using DBUS to go next/previous ignored when no song was playing. (#185)

Under the Hood

  • Improved the API for getting song URIs from the adapters.