Version 0.11.0

Release Notes

Note: This version does not have a Flatpak due to issues getting Python 3.8 working within the Flatpak environment. See Issue #218

New Website: Sublime Music has a website!

Distro Packages

  • Sublime Music is now available in Debian Unstable, and hopefully soon in Debian Testing.
  • For package maintainers:

    The following dependencies were added: semver

    The following dependencies were removed: pyyaml

    The following dependencies are now optional: pychromecast, bottle

Feature Improvements

  • Player settings now get applied immediately, rather than after restarting Sublime Music.
  • Getting the list of Chromecasts for the Device popup now happens much faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Loading the play queue from the server is now more reliable and works properly with Gonic (Contributed by @sentriz).
  • Fixed Regression: The load play queue button in the play queue popup works again.
  • Caching behavior has been greatly improved.
  • The Subsonic adapter disables saving and loading the play queue if the server doesn't implement the Subsonic API v1.12.0.

Under the Hood

  • The API for players has been greatly improved and is now actually documented which will enable more player types in the future. Additionally, a Player Manager has been put in between the core logic of the app and the player logic which will help facilitate easier API transitions in the future.