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Fixes #89: prevent errors when you remove all songs from the play queue

parent 120f7696
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......@@ -615,12 +615,21 @@ class SublimeMusicApp(Gtk.Application):
song_id for i, song_id in enumerate(self.state.play_queue)
if i not in song_indexes_to_remove
# Determine how many songs before the currently playing one were also
# deleted.
before_current = [
i for i in song_indexes_to_remove
if i < self.state.current_song_index
if self.state.current_song_index in song_indexes_to_remove:
if len(self.state.play_queue) == 0:
self.state.current_song_index = -1
self.state.current_song_index -= len(before_current)
self.play_song(self.state.current_song_index, reset=True)
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