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......@@ -64,11 +64,13 @@ Features
* The Devices button now uses the Chromecast logo. It uses a different icon
depending on whether or not you are playing on a Chromecast.
* Custom icons for "Add to play queue", and "Play next" buttons. Thanks to
@samsartor for contributing the SVGs!
`@samsartor`_ for contributing the SVGs!
* A new icon for indicating the connection state to the Subsonic server.
Contributed by @samsartor.
Contributed by `@samsartor`_.
* A new icon for that data wasn't able to be loaded due to being offline.
Contributed by @samsartor.
Contributed by `@samsartor`_.
.. _@samsartor:
**Application Menus**
......@@ -104,7 +106,8 @@ This release has a ton of under-the-hood changes to make things more robust
and performant.
* The cache is now stored in a SQLite database.
* The cache no longer gets corrupted when Sublime Music fails to write to disk.
* The cache and configuration no longer get corrupted when Sublime Music fails
to write to disk due to errors.
* A generic `Adapter API`_ has been created which means that Sublime Music is no
longer reliant on Subsonic. This means that in the future, more backends can
be added.
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