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Welcome to Sublime Music's documentation!
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The Playlist view of Sublime Music with the Play Queue opened.
- Connect to multiple Subsonic-API-compliant servers.
- Play music through Chromecasts on the same LAN.
- DBus MPRIS interface integration for controlling Sublime Music via
``playerctl``, ``i3status-rust``, KDE Connect, and other DBus MPRIS clients.
- Browse Albums, Artists, and Playlists.
- Play queue.
- Create/delete/edit Playlists.
- Switch between multiple Subsonic-API-compliant servers.
- Play music through Chromecast devices on the same LAN.
- DBus MPRIS interface integration for controlling Sublime Music via DBus MPRIS
clients such as ``playerctl``, ``i3status-rust``, KDE Connect, and many
commonly used desktop environments.
- Browse songs by the sever-reported filesystem structure, or view them
organized by ID3 tags in the Albums, Artists, and Playlists views.
- Intuitive play queue.
- Create/delete/edit playlists.
- Cache songs for offline listening.
......@@ -58,6 +70,7 @@ Install the |AUR Package|_. Example using ``yay``::
:caption: Contents:
Indices and tables
There are many settings available in Sublime Music. Some are application-wide
settings while others are are configurable at a per-server basis.
Application Settings
The following settings can be changed for the entire application.
Port Number : (int)
The port number to use for streaming to Chromecast devices on the same
A server will be started on this port and when you play a song that is
already cached locally, the Chromecast will connect to your computer and
stream from it instead of from the internet.
This will not take effect until the application is restarted.
Always stream songs : (bool)
If checked, this will disable using the local song cache.
When streaming, also download song : (bool)
If checked, when a song is streamed, it will also be downloaded. Once the
download is complete, Sublime Music will stop streaming and switch to the
downloaded version.
Show notification when song begins to play : (bool)
If checked, a notification containing the new song's title, artist, album,
and album art will be shown through your notification daemon.
How many songs in the play queue do you want to prefetch? : (int)
If the next :math:`n` songs in the play queue are not already downloaded,
they will be downloaded. (This has no effect if *Always stream songs* is
How many song downloads do you want to allow concurrently? : (int)
Specifies how many songs can be downloaded at the same time.
Server Settings
Each server has the following configuration options:
Name : (string)
The friendly name of this server which is used throughout the UI to
differentiate servers.
Server address : (uri)
The URI of the Subsonic-API-compliant server (specify the server root, do
not include ``/api`` or any other suffix).
Local network address : (string)
See *Local network SSID*
Local network SSID : (string)
If this SSID is active (as reported by NetworkManager), then the *Local
network address* will be used to connect to the Subsonic-API-compliant
server instead of the *Server address*.
This is useful if your internet provider does not allow you to connect to
your internal network using the IP of your network.
Username : (string)
The username to login as.
Password : (string)
The password to login with. This is stored in the system keyring.
Play queue sync enabled : (bool)
If checked, Sublime Music will synchronise the play queue and song progress
to the server every 15 seconds, whenever the song is paused/played, whenever
the play queue is edited, and whenever a new song is started.
Do not verify certificate : (bool)
Disables certificate verification if the protocol is HTTPS.
.. danger::
Only check this if you are *absolutely certain* that your connection to
your server is secure, despite having an invalid or self-signed
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ class EditServerDialog(EditFormDialog):
('Password', 'password', True),
boolean_fields = [
('Sync enabled', 'sync_enabled'),
('Play queue sync enabled', 'sync_enabled'),
('Do not verify certificate', 'disable_cert_verify'),
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