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Inkscape extension to fix text in Inkscape legacy documents:
Fix Legacy Text
- fix line spacing
- fix blank lines (0.92.x)
Inkscape extension for Inkscape 0.92 or later to restore original
baseline spacing of text in legacy documents.
Text layout in upcoming Inkscape 0.92 will have better support for the
CSS standard:
These internal changes may cause differences in layout (line spacing) of
text in legacy documents created with older versions of Inkscape.
The extension 'Fix Legacy Text' can help easing the transition to 0.92.
Basic features:
- Adjust line spacing and font size
- Fix blank lines (0.92.x)
Other optional features:
- fix generic font names
- make plain text editable (to support inserting newlines)
- Fix generic font names
- Make plain text editable (to support inserting newlines)
Alternative fix for line spacing:
- split regular text into lines
- Split regular text into lines
If the text in the legacy file has not been edited yet, and the drawing
was not viewboxed or scaled on open (DPI change), then the tspan
coordinates are still those of the original layout in Inkscape 0.91 or
earlier, and in most cases can be used to position the splitted lines
earlier, and in most cases can be used to position the individual lines
Copy the two files
- fix_legacy_text.inx
into the user extensions directory (see 'Inkscape Preferences > System'
for the exact location) and relaunch Inkscape. The extension will be
listed in the 'Extensions' menu as 'Document > Fix Legacy Text'.
Basic Usage
Select text objects with incorrect baseline spacing and apply the
extension (use live preview to check and (de-)select options as needed).
Selected objects will be processed recursively, and any text objects
found e.g. within nested groups will be modified as needed.
If the extension is applied without a current selection, all text
objects in the drawing (including defs, hidden and/or locked layers)
will be modified based on the chosen options.
Known issues
......@@ -54,3 +99,19 @@ Some of the changes introduced in rev 14935 (Use CSS 'strut' as minimum
value of CSS line box height) on the other hand can be partially
compensated by shuffling style properties of the outer and inner text
elements (which is within the scope of script-based extensions).
The extension is developed and maintained in:
The feature request to include this extensions in inkscape:
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