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Release 2.9.0 (27-Jul-17):
- Added the --nthreads command line option to ovitos as an alternative to -nt (issue #35).
- Brought back missing stderr output from calls to sys.exit() in ovitos interpreter.
- Extended the Particle Inspection utility to allow expression-based selection of particles in
addition to picking them using the mouse (issue #19).
- Added a bond-based mode to the Cluster Analysis modifier. It allows forming clusters based on
the bond network topology.
- The OVITO main window now accepts data files and .ovito files via drag & drop (issue #28).
- Extended the Load Trajectory modifier to also copy other varying particle properties in addition
to the particle positions (issue #29).
- The particle indices displayed by the Particle Inspection utility are now zero-based, consistent
with the ParticleIndex variable used by the Expression Selection modifier (issue #21).
- Added the new 'Relative face area' threshold parameter to the Voronoi analysis modifier, which
allows filtering out small faces with an area below a specified fraction of the total Voronoi cell
surface area (issue #7).
- Added file parsers for the CASTEP .cell, .geom and .md simulation file formats.
- Replaced the 'eliminate homogeneous deformation' option of the Displacement Vectors modifier with
the more general affine mapping setting.
- On macOS, data files and .ovito files can now be associated with OVTIO and directly opened from
the Finder (issue #22).
- Added the FileSource.loaded_file attribute, which allows accessing the filename of the currently
loaded simulation file from a Python script.
- New modifier: The Voronoi Topology Analysis modifier can classify the Voronoi polyhedra of particles,
e.g. to perform structural filtering.
- New modifier: The Correlation Function modifier has been contributed by Lars Pastewka. It allows
computing the spatial correlation between two particle properties.
- Bug fix: LAMMPS data file parser ignored Bonds section at end of file when number of bonds is zero.
- New modifier: The Create Isosurface modifier allows to visualize field quantities like the electron
density that are defined on a structured data grid. So far, only the POSCAR file parser has been
extended to read charge density data from CHGCAR files, which can serve as input for the isosurface modifier.
- New modifier: The Coordination Polyhedra modifier constructs convex hulls from the bonded neighbours of atoms.
- Bug fix: Unexpected error message during file export when the old mapping for the output file columns
has become invalid.
- Added the 'Adjust range (all frames)' function to the Color Coding modifier, which takes into account
all frames of the animation sequence when determining the min/max values of the input property.
- Added a new user option to the Affine Transformation modifier that enables the transformation of
vectorial particle properties like Force and velocity together with the particle positions (issue #11).
- Bug fix: Need to pass /exit option to Windows version of POV-Ray to automatically close message
window after rendering is done (issue #16).
- Bug fix: Assertion error in Ambient Occlusion modifier when modifier input is empty.
- The ovito Python module is now usable from external Python interpreters as well, not only ovitos.
- Complete overhaul of the internals of the asynchronous data pipeline framework; many improvements to the code.
- Dropped backward compatibility with Qt library versions less than 5.4.
- Bug fix: Parser error when reading a LAMMPS file containing very small numbers on the order of 1e-200 (issue #12).
- Bug fix: Windows version always appends .pov to expected file names (issue #13).
- Bug fix: Create trajectories function does not use correct number of frames from input sequence (issue #6).
- Added support for omnidirectional stereoscopic rendering to the POV-Ray renderer plugin. This allows
producing 360 degrees VR movies (requires POV-Ray 3.7.1).
- The required system library is no longer bundled with the Linux version of OVITO,
because it causes conflicts with OpenGL drivers on some systems.
- Reading multi-frame GSD files that contain static data now works correctly.
- Bug fix: Program crash during parallel access to NetCDF files. Calls to NetCDF library functions
are now serialized, because they are not thread-safe.
Release 2.8.2 (22-Jan-17):
- The Histogram modifier can now operate on bond properties too.
# This file defines the program version.
# Extract revision tag name from Git repository.
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<simplesect xml:id="installation.runovito.linux">
<para>Extract the downloaded <filename>.tar.gz</filename> archive using the <command>tar</command> command, e.g.: <command>tar xzf ovito-2.8.1-x86_64.tar.gz</command>.
<para>Extract the downloaded <filename>.tar.gz</filename> archive using the <command>tar</command> command, e.g.: <command>tar xzf ovito-2.9.0-x86_64.tar.gz</command>.
This will create a new subdirectory containing the program package.
Change into the new directory and start OVITO by running the executable <command>./bin/ovito</command>.
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