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[!DATE]Sat, 23 Apr 2018 20:00 +0000
# [Running Linux on Teclast F7](#) — 23 Apr, 2018
# [Running Linux on Teclast F7 (Updated)](#) — 23 Apr, 2018
Recently I aquired a Teclast F7 Laptop [(review here)](20180324_teclastf7), one of the main problems of this laptop was the touchpad problem on Linux, **but there's a fix now!**.
**UPDATE:** Starting with kernel 4.20 you don't need to manually install the patch to make the touchpad work, you can install the latest kernels easily on ubuntu with [**ukuu**](
I've got Xubuntu 18.04 running sucessfully on this laptop, the steps I'll show here will also work on other Ubuntu flavors.
## Getting ready
[!TITLE]EURKey on Ubuntu
[!DATE]Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:40 +0000
# [EurKEY on Ubuntu](#) — 18 Mar, 2019
Hello single person that reads this posts.
Last week I decided to build a desktop computer, this computer will mainly be used for Development and I should not "play" with the system, so I decided to go with Ubuntu, it's not my favourite distro but it's perfect for this use case.
I'm using the default desktop environment (Gnome with Gnome-Shell), it is a bit RAM heavy, but the machine has lot's of RAM, so it's not a big problem.
After installation I dived into the `gnome-control-center`, got into the **Regions and Language**, and I didn't found the EURKey layout, even tough it is installed, I could switch temporarily with `setxkbmap eu` but I didn't wanted that, I was looking to configure it properly.
So it seems that the Gnome folks really like to hide things from us for the sake of **"symplicity"**, so I had to search a bit.
## Here it goes
1. Make sure the `gnome-control-center` is closed
2. Run this on your terminal:
```gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources show-all-sources true```
3. Log out and log back in *(or just restart the gnome-shell)*
4. Open `gnome-control-center`, go to **Regions and Language**, choose your language and you should find **EurKEY (US Based layout with european letters**.
And it is that simple!
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