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Installation instructions for Clojure workshop


Of course you need Java. Java 6 or higher will suffice.

Get it here.


Hopefully you already have git, if you don't it's about time ;)

Get it here.


This is the defacto Clojure build tool. It will setup almost everything for you.

Get it here.

Light Table

This is the editor we will use. Pretty cool with lots of innovative features. Written entirely in ClojureScript.

Get it here.

Clone this project

git clone

Make leiningen fetch necessary dependencies

Execute the following command in the downloaded git workspace:

lein do clean, deps, midje, uberjar, install

Setup workspace in Light Table

Open project in Light Table`

File -> Open Folder -> Navigate to folder where you have checked out the project -> Press upload on the workspace folder.

Start a repl at project. Open a Clojure namespace and evaluate:

"Test/clojure-workshop-flatmap/ex-1" -> Press "Cmd-shift-enter" (Mac) / "Ctrl-shift-enter" (Windows/Linux).

This may take a little time. You will see inline light grey markings in the file.


Don't hesitate to contact me at


Copyright © 2014 Alf Kristian Støyle

Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.