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- name: "Etičko hakovanje"
- name: "Linux radionica"
type: "radionica"
desc: ""
desc: "Instalacija Libreboot/Coreboot firmware-a (ponesite Thinkpad-ove)"
day-of-the-week: "subota"
date: "14.12.2019."
date: "21.12.2019."
time-of-day: "16:00"
- name: "Etičko hakovanje"
type: "radionica"
desc: "Wardraving (ponesite Raspberry Pi-ove)"
day-of-the-week: "subota"
date: "21.12.2019."
time-of-day: "18:00"
- name: "Movie night"
type: "projekcija"
desc: "Projekcija Cyberwar dokumentarne serije i Mr. Robot-a - Season 4"
day-of-the-week: "nedelja"
date: "15.12.2019."
date: "22.12.2019."
time-of-day: "17:00"
layout: rss
title: HKLBGD events rss feed
date: 2019-12-13T02:06+01:00
date: 2019-12-19T15:03+01:00
{% for event in %}
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