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# RTV.js Contributions
Thank you for considering a contribution to RTV.js!
- Favor `function() {}` over arrow functions unless context binding is required.
## Development
Local development is straightforward. Use the following versions of Node.js and npm:
* Node.js: `>=10.11.0`
* npm: `>=6.4.1`
Install all project dependencies:
$ npm install
The following npm commands will get you started:
* `build`: Builds the library, outputs to `/dist`
* `docs`: Builds the API documentation, _overwritting_ `/`
* `test`: Runs all unit tests and linting.
* `test:unit`: Runs unit tests only.
* `test:unit:watch`: Runs unit tests in watch mode, re-running tests as you make changes to code.
* `test:unit:debug`: Runs unit tests in debug mode so you can step through code.
* Use Mocha's `describe.only()` and `it.only()` helpers to isolate the test you want to debug, but be sure to remove them when you're done, otherwise coverage will fail.
* `test:coverage`: Checks for code coverage after running unit tests, outputs to `/coverage`
* `lint`: Checks the code for lint.
* `start`: Builds the library, starts Node.js in debug mode (with `--inspect`) and automatically loads the library into the global environment as `rtv` (along with `lodash` as `ld`) by running the following script: `/tolls/node.js`
See `/package.json` scripts for other commands.
## Pre-commit Scripts
`npm install` will configure a pre-commit hook, for this repository, that will perform these steps when you attempt to commit to your local repository:
* Check the code for lint.
* Build the API documentation and add `/` to your commit if there were any changes.
## Best Practices
* Use [JSDoc]( syntax for __ALL__ function and class comments.
* Name internal functions with an underscore prefix (e.g. `_foo()`).
* Add a leading `[Internal]` prefix in the comment's description block.
* Include the JSDoc `@private` directive.
* Favor `function() {}` over arrow functions unless contextual binding is required.
* Use the latest standardized ES syntax.
* Avoid using syntax that is still under active proposal.
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# Contributing
[Contributing](, including local development guide.
# License
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