1. 20 May, 2019 3 commits
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      Configuring GitLab CI · ae417402
      Stefan Cameron authored
      Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug with the job engine
      whereby it doesn't wait for the Rollup build to finish before
      it thinks it's actually done, and therefore doesn't save all
      the build output files as artifacts because they just aren't
      there yet when it saves the ./dist dir's contents.
      I'll have to look into this later. The most important thing
      for now is that the test stage works.
  10. 27 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  11. 26 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Fix some bugs with ARRAY, OBJECT, ANY_OBJECT, PLAIN_OBJECT, CLASS_OBJECT · 47fc256b
      Stefan Cameron authored
      There were some linguering bugs with these types from the recent change
      to require object type args with the '$' for the shape, as well as
      array with args.ts with the typeset still around that existing tests
      were skirting around. Added more tests to make tests more robust!
      These were found thanks to a new 'integration.test.js' test suite
      I added. It's already proving its usefulness!
      This commit also removes the value from RtvError's message property
      in case it happens to contain sensitive information. Please see the
      note on the `RtvError#path` property.
  12. 22 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Beautify and fix the API documentation · 42a42cff
      Stefan Cameron authored
      *   Fix INT -> SAFE_INT
      *   Remove completed TODOs
      *   Clarify example titles
      *   Fix missing rtvref.validation and rtvref.validator docs
          Also rename `validation/isValidator -> validation/isCustomValidator`
          to avoid confusion between custom validators in typesets, and
          type validators in the library.
      *   Clarify rtv.t and rtv.q enumerations
      *   Clean-up the rtv interface
  13. 19 Sep, 2018 3 commits
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      Do not publish package-lock.json · 843493cc
      Stefan Cameron authored
      Commit it, but don't publish it, since it'll be ignored anyway:
      "One key detail about package-lock.json is that it cannot be
      published, and it will be ignored if found in any place other
      than the toplevel package."
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      Update some TODO items · d2391fc3
      Stefan Cameron authored
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      Refactor object type args to place shape in '$' property · ee77ad56
      Stefan Cameron authored
      With this change, all object types (ANY_OBJECT, OBJECT, PLAIN_OBJECT,
      CLASS_OBJECT) now expect type args with a special '$' property that
      specifies the shape, rather than all but CLASS_OBJECT assuming that
      the type args are the shape itself. The only exception is when
      providing a shape as the typeset itself, as the first element in
      an Array typeset, or as the second element if a qualifier is used:
      // shape as typeset:
      // first element in Array typeset:
      // second element with a qualifier:
      [OPTIONAL, {...}]
      In the three cases above, the DEFAULT_OBJECT_TYPE is implied.
      Otherwise, the shape must be specified in the type args:
      [PLAIN_OBJECT, {$: {...}}]
      [OBJECT, {$: {...}}]
      This change makes the type system, and the library, more extensible
      going forward.
      Coverage: 100%
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