Sonoff controller

A Sonoff is this thing, it's basically a a wifi-enabled plug, with the appealing property that it runs on an ESP8266 microcontroller, making it much less hackable (in a "honey, there's a suspicious van parked across the street" sense, not in a "I just electrocuted myself" sense), which is great.

I didn't like the default firmware because it routes all requests through a server in China (for all I know), or, even worse, the US. Since there's no way to disable that behaviour that I found after not searching at all, I decided to write the ten lines it took to make my own firmware.

Luckily, arendst has done most of the work, and his seems like an excellent project, but I open-source most of my things, so here it is. Do whatever you want with this code (MIT license). I don't imagine it will be very useful to you, but feel free to open pull requests or cans of beer or anything else you want.

-- Stavros