Commit 6fc1e5eb authored by Seth Price's avatar Seth Price

Remove bit of unused code

A macro and some declarations from pre-release were left in
`options.h`; since I decided on using getopt and not my own
options parser, it doesn't do anything and might confuse

Additionally, a not-entirely-finished clause to check for the
presence of `sysexits.h` was left in the configure script.  I
think I started implementing the whole sysexits thing before release
then changed my mind.  And I might change my mind again and
re-implement them.  I'm not sure.
parent 51982624
......@@ -273,29 +273,6 @@ else
exit 1
# Check for sysexits header, if using
if test "$use_sysexits" = "yes"; then
test "$is_quiet" = "no" &&
echo -n "Checking for POSIX standard library headers... "
cat >conftest.c <<_EOF
#include <sysexits.h>
int main() { return EX_OK; }
(eval $CC $CFLAGS conftest.c -o conftest) 2>conftest.err
rm -f conftest.o conftest.c conftest
if test ! -s conftest.err; then
test "$is_quiet" = "no" && echo "found."
rm -f conftest.err
test "$is_quiet" = "no" && echo "not found."
echo "$log_e: POSIX standard library is not properly implemented." >&2
echo "$log_e: Specify a valid include dir in your CFLAGS with "\
"\`CFLAGS=-I/path/to/dir' when running this script." >&2
exit 1
# Generate `$CFLAGS' based on what the user specified
test "$is_verbose" = "yes" &&
echo -n "Computing CFLAGS... "
......@@ -8,10 +8,6 @@
#ifndef VP_OPTIONS_H
#define VP_OPTIONS_H
/* Winblows and M$-DOS like `/' as an option prefix for some reason; if you
* really insist on using that instead of `-', change it here. */
enum OPTIONS_E {
NO_OPTS = 0,
OPT_HELP = 1, /* Print help message to stdout */
......@@ -40,7 +36,4 @@ struct OPTIONS_S {
unsigned int distance;
static int is_positive_int(const char *val_str);
struct OPTIONS_S parse_options(int argc, char *argv[]);
#endif /* ! VP_OPTIONS_H */
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