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  • v0.2 protected
    Release v0.2
    • Added endnotes environment
    • Corrected several minor spacing issues
    • Changed section headers to small-caps
    • Added support for PDF metadata
    • Changed document date format to day-month-year
  • v0.3 protected
    Release v0.3
    • Added mla8alt option to circumvent bug #1
    • Improved options parsing
    • Replaced obsolete times package with newtxtext
  • v0.4 protected
    bce535d4 · Add checksum ·
    Release v0.4

    The only thing keeping me from making it 1.0 is probably support for figures/tables.

    • Corrected linecount to 24 lines per page, not 23
    • Added the Microtype package
    • Fixed spacing issues in endnotes
    • Added and properly formatted enumerate and itemize lists
  • v0.4.1 protected
    37ba1d6a · Release bugfix as v0.4.1 ·
    Release v0.4.1
    • Output of \@date works as expected (fixes bug #2)
  • v0.5 protected
    Release v0.5
    • Moved \newpage to beginning of paper sections
    • Moved header to beginning of document, not beginning of paper environment
    • Fixed options parser 'bug'
    • Moved hyperref package to load last
    • Fixed some incorrect syntax for TeX primitives

    (I promise figures/tables will be in the next release)

  • v0.6 protected   Figures and captions, finally
    d6d4ea72 · Update versioning to 0.6 ·
    Release v0.6
    • Add support for figures, tables and captions

    This took me literally four hours to successfully figure out

  • v0.8 protected
    9b978efe · Bump version to 0.7 ·
    Release v0.8
    • Changed Microtype package to only load through microtype class option
    • Changed options parser to use \ifMLA@... toggle format seen in other classes
    • Copied code from indentfirst package to reduce dependency count
    • Replaced regular space after dot in section headings with \enspace
    • Added August to month list for \mladate
    • Changed correction spacing from 16pt to 10pt in workscited environment