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+scrcpy fix

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title: "Quick Fixes"
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title: "ADB push error in scrcpy"
date: 2020-11-19T11:54:00+05:30
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- [scrcpy]( is a program used to display and control Android devices
- It uses `adb` to function
- Can also be used via `tcp` networks
### Issue
The *error#1* I faced was:
adb: error: stat failed when trying to push to /data/local/tmp/scrcpy-server.jar: Permission denied
ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1
Due to
> `SELinux` denied shell permissons and
> `adb root` was not available
### Fix
1. Disable SELinux
> I had to do this to circumevent *error#2*, need root (Magisk)
adb shell
setenforce 0
2. Find relevant SELinux contexts *(Optional)*
adb shell cat '/system/etc/selinux/*' | grep 'u:.*shell.*'
- Result
cat: /system/etc/selinux/mapping: Is a directory
/(odm|vendor/odm)/bin/sh u:object_r:vendor_shell_exec:s0
/(vendor|system/vendor)/bin/sh u:object_r:vendor_shell_exec:s0
/mnt/expand/[^/]+/local/tmp(/.*)? u:object_r:shell_data_file:s0
/data/local/tmp(/.*)? u:object_r:shell_data_file:s0
/system/bin/sh -- u:object_r:shell_exec:s0
/system/xbin/bash u:object_r:shell_exec:s0
security.perf_harden u:object_r:shell_prop:s0
service.adb.root u:object_r:shell_prop:s0
service.adb.tcp.port u:object_r:shell_prop:s0
3. Rename the SELinux context from system_data_file to shell_data_file
> From [here](
adb shell
chcon -R u:object_r:shell_data_file:s0 /data/local/tmp
- Possible *error#2*
chcon: '/data/local/tmp' to u:object_r:shell_prop:s0: Permission denied
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