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**This document is a collection of my plans and ideas.**
# Starting
You will need Ender Pearls (a lot of them) and a Stone Mortar.
Stone Mortars will be made with a Stone Stick (oredict), Stone block and Stone Bowl (oredict).
Stone bowl will be made with 3 Stone block (go figure).
After that you use the Stone Mortar to get Ender Pearl Dust (oredict(?)).
Ender Pearl Dust can be combined with an Ender Pearl and a material of choice to get a specialty pearl as follows:
#D# | D - Ender Pearl Dust
DPD | P - Ender Pearl
#D# | # - Material for specific pearl
These specialty pearls will be main crafting ingredient for whatever line of transfer.
Specialty Pearl Items:
* Redstone - Energy
* Lapis - Fluids
* Iron(?) - Storage
* ME (AE2) - Fluix Dust
* RS - Undecided (Possible Ideas: Quartz, Quartz Enriched Iron Dust (would have to add ourselves), Just Quartz Enriched Iron)
Another crafting component: Ender Enriched Iron (bluish-gray color, or as I should say, "Correlated/ style bluish-gray")
This will be used to make basic components such as linking tool and wireless tool (working names)
# Crystals
**TODO: how should these look**
**TODO: all of this**
# Universal Wireless Network
**TODO: all of this**
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