Change order of Create terms for readability

parent 91b1c212
......@@ -327,10 +327,10 @@ On my machine, the value I get back is (with a bit of pretty printing
#+BEGIN_SRC javascript
{"actor": "http://localhost:8000/",
"object": "magnet:?xt=urn:sha256:dO0lxH3zV7S9-sP0f0hzWr0QAopkjB2NSG7pYTmt5bY&ek=msDNJDcFKuFRmIeHolBksU0iQILCoAvAACTHSCr5Iaw&es=aes-ctr",
{"type": "Create",
"actor": "http://localhost:8000/",
"to": ["http://localhost:8001/"],
"type": "Create"}
"object": "magnet:?xt=urn:sha256:dO0lxH3zV7S9-sP0f0hzWr0QAopkjB2NSG7pYTmt5bY&ek=msDNJDcFKuFRmIeHolBksU0iQILCoAvAACTHSCr5Iaw&es=aes-ctr"}
Oh that's interesting... so this is the =Create= activity alright,
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