Document some of the parameters

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......@@ -60,18 +60,33 @@
;;; Some parameters
;;; ===============
;; Username of this instance. To simplify the demo, Golem instances
;; are single-user only (and we don't even bother with authentication!)
(define users-name
(make-parameter #f))
(make-parameter #f)) ; set this to a string
;; The "database" of this instance, which keeps track of collections.
;; This is a hashtable where keys are collection names and values are
;; lists of items.
(define db
(make-parameter #f))
(make-parameter #f)) ; set this to a mutable hasheq
;; The "magenc" store is where we store encrypted chunks of data.
(define magenc-store
(make-parameter #f))
(make-parameter #f)) ; set this to a magenc store instance
;; A list of other magenc stores that might have chunks we want.
(define other-stores
(make-parameter '()))
;; The base URL of this instance.
(define base-url
(make-parameter #f))
;; not really a parameter but kinda based on them
;; (not really a parameter but it uses them)
;; This instantiates a new "hungry store" that has a belly of our
;; main magenc-store and which eats content from the other-stores
;; if it can't find it itself.
(define (hungry-store)
(new hungry-store%
[belly (magenc-store)]
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