Add the actor property to the Create

Yeah, actor vs attributedTo is annoying, but...
parent 11b58405
......@@ -188,10 +188,12 @@
;; (Technically every activity sent is supposed to have an actor too;
;; in the future I might explain why in an ocap AP system that isn't
;; strictly necessary...)
(define actor-url-str
(golem-absolute-url-str actor-profile))
(define note
`#hasheq((type . "Note")
(content . ,content)
(attributed-to . ,(golem-absolute-url-str actor-profile))))
(attributed-to . ,actor-url-str)))
(define note-str
(json->string note))
(define note-url
......@@ -201,6 +203,7 @@
(define create
`#hasheq((type . "Create")
(object . ,(url->string note-url))
(actor . ,actor-url-str)
;; not strictly necessary, but good to be kept in the loop
;; in case someone replies to us :)
(to . ,to-addrs-strs)))
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