Add "Wait, where's webfinger?"

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......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ received any content.
The *To:* field is who we want to send it to... well, this is
Alice's site, and Alice wants to talk to Bob, so let's put
http://localhost:8001/ in this field.
http://localhost:8001/ in this field.[fn:wait-wheres-webfinger]
The box underneath it is the body of our post, so let's put
in a simple message, like "Hello, Bob!".
Now press the "Submit" button.
......@@ -120,6 +120,19 @@ Navigate over to [[http://localhost:8001/]] and refresh the page in your
Yup, the post should be there in the inbox... looks like Bob got it!
"Wait a minute!" I can hear you saying. "I thought addressing in
ActivityPub used email-like addresses like [email protected]
... what's going on?" That style of addressing is called a
[[]] based address, and
while it's possible to use in conjunction with ActivityPub, actual
ActivityPub addressing uses the [[][URIs]] of [[][actors]].
In this case, [[http://localhost:8001/]] /is/ Bob's actor URI.
Our server does an HTTP request asking for the activitystreams
representation of Bob at that address and gets back a JSON object
that points at Bob's inbox.
We can then use that to federate a message to Bob.
* What's going on?
That's all great, but how is this different than any other ActivityPub
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