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As such, the demo takes many shortcuts for the sake of brevity.
It is intended to be simple enough to be read and understood in
a single evening.
* How to install Golem
First you'll need [[][Racket]].
You'll have the option to install the minimal or full distribution of
Choose the full installation.
First do a git checkout of this git repository.
Then do:
: raco pkg install
Okay you're ready to go!
* Running Golem
We're going to need two separate Golem servers running to test
federating with each other.
To do this, open two separate terminals and navigate both of them
to the Golem checkout directory.
Now let's start up each server.
In the first terminal:
: racket golem.rkt --port 8000 --other-stores "http://localhost:8001/read-only-cas" Alice
In the second terminal:
: racket golem.rkt --port 8001 --other-stores "http://localhost:8000/read-only-cas" Bob
In the first terminal, you should see a message like:
: Your Web application is running at http://localhost:8000.
: Stop this program at any time to terminate the Web Server.
Same in the second, but with port 8001.
Test it out by opening your browser and opening http://localhost:8000/
in your browser.
In the upper left hand side you should see "Alice's site".
Opening http://localhost:8001/ should say the same, but with
"Bob's site".
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