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......@@ -37,6 +37,8 @@ social web implementors.
As such, the demo takes many shortcuts for the sake of brevity.
It is intended to be simple enough to be read and understood in
a single evening.
(The [[file:./golem.rkt][corresponding code]] is also meant to be easy to follow, and
hopefully achieves that goal.)
* How to install Golem
......@@ -420,4 +422,21 @@ be explored as possibilities in future documents.)
* Conclusions
This demo shows that it is possible to share content in a way that
is secure and where content is not tied to any location.
If any server goes down, the other servers which care about the
content can nonetheless keep the content alive.
An entire network of peer to peer participants could be used to share
content, and a post that became popular would not be so burdensome for
a single participant; we do not need to punish content authors for
creating worthwhile content by making them pay exorbinant hosting
Meanwhile, even if the a global network helps share content, we can
still restrict who can actually reveal the contents of those messages
to intended recipients (and those which the intended recipients choose
to share with as well).
I hope you have enjoyed this demo.
If you have, consider joining the [[][#spritely channel on]]
and let me know what you think, or [[][contact me directly]].
More demos to come.
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