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......@@ -81,3 +81,48 @@ In the upper left hand side you should see "Alice's site".
Opening http://localhost:8001/ should say the same, but with
"Bob's site".
What's with the =--other-stores= option?
If you'll notice, the two sites are pointing at each other's
read-only-cas endpoints.
This will be how they are able to find each others' content...
more on that later.
* Giving it a try
As said, this is a very very verrrrry paired down ActivityPub
Each server that's being run is single-user, and we haven't even
bothered requiring that you authenticate to be able to post content!
Returning to visiting http://localhost:8000/ or http://localhost:8001/
in our browser.
What you should see is a form from which we can submit content
and a summary of the posts we most recently sent (our "outbox")
as well as the most recent posts we've received (our "inbox").
Let's try making a post from the form on [[http://localhost:8000/]].
Currently, we should see "Hey look... nothing!" in both the outbox
and inbox sections of the page, because we've neither sent or
received any content.
The *To:* field is who we want to send it to... well, this is
Alice's site, and Alice wants to talk to Bob, so let's put
http://localhost:8001/ in this field.
The box underneath it is the body of our post, so let's put
in a simple message, like "Hello, Bob!".
Now press the "Submit" button.
If everything went well underneath "Most recent post in your outbox"
the post "Hello, Bob!" (or whatever message it is that you sent).
But did Bob get it?
Navigate over to [[http://localhost:8001/]] and refresh the page in your
Yup, the post should be there in the inbox... looks like Bob got it!
* What's going on?
That's all great, but how is this different than any other ActivityPub
How do we even know that things were sent securely?
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