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#+TITLE: Spritely Golem: Secure, p2p distributable content for the fediverse
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This is a demo for Golem, one of the [[][Spritely]] demos.
Each Spritely demo tries to demonstrate a key idea on how
to "level up" the fediverse.

The problems this demo is trying to address is:

 - Nodes go down, and their content tends to go with them.
   How can we have content that survives?
   Content which is distributable over a peer to peer network seems
   like it would help.
 - Except if an entire network is helping hold onto and distribute
   content, how do we keep private content private?
 - How to do this in a way that is compatible with the [[][ActivityPub]]

By encrypting the file and splitting it into chunks distributed
through the network and only sharing the decryption key with the
intended recipient, and by using a URI scheme that captures the
appropriate information, we can accomplish all the above.
Golem uses the [[][magenc]] extension of the [[][magnet URI scheme]] to
accomplish the above.

Why the name "Golem"?
In fantasy literature and folklore, a Golem is assembled from
inanimate parts, and only through the casting of magic words is
it brought to life.
Likewise, here encrypted chunks are distributed inanimately through
the network, and the magic words uttered are the decryption key,
known only to the intended recipients (and, well, anyone they choose
to pass them on to).

*NOTE:* This demo is not intended for production deployments.
The purpose of this demo is to explain its core ideas to federated
social web implementors.
As such, the demo takes many shortcuts for the sake of brevity.
It is intended to be simple enough to be read and understood in
a single evening.