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Extra logging

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......@@ -214,19 +214,24 @@ class Deployment(object):
# 1. Set up a staging area in a place most likely to be on the same
# filesystem as the serving directory
log.debug("Make deployment buffer dir")
stagingdir = self._mkbufferdir()
# 2. Examine spirotop and do pre-extraction activities
# We don't actually have anything here
log.debug("Deployment pre-extract activities")
# 3. Extract the tarball
log.debug("Deployment extraction")
self._extract(tarfile, stagingdir)
# 4. Do post-extraction generation/compilation
log.debug("Deployment post-extract activities")
# 5. Shuffle directories making the staging area the production directory
# 6. Clean up the old version
log.debug("Deployment directory shuffle")
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