Zevra v2.1 r210

Zevra v2.1 r210

Download: Zevra_v2.1_r210.zip

Engine improvments

  • Isolated pawns eval implementation
  • Reverse futility pruning implementation
  • Razoring implementation
  • Improved promotion moves (extensions and ordering)
  • Improved fp-margin weights
  • minor changes in LMR

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occurred during the analysis: sometimes the eval could not coincide with the actual

Build changes

  • Now the POPCNT build works on SSE3
  • Build doesn't require additional libraries
  • Smaller size (for Windows)

Test results

tc: 10s+0.1s
Hash: 16mb

Score of Zevra v2.1 r210 vs Zevra v2.0 r172: 749 - 466 - 785  [0.571] 2000
Elo difference: 49.49 +/- 11.90

Code length: 3047 lines