1. 13 Feb, 2017 3 commits
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      Add split packages and cross-bootstrapping support to tix-build(8). · 9bbdb791
      Jonas Termansen authored
      pkg.use-bootstrap can now be set to true to add a bootstrap phase to
      cross-builds. I.e. the package is built for the native platform and
      installed to a temporary location, which is in the PATH during the
      actual cross-compilation. This feature is useful for some misbehaving
      ports that can cross-compile, but require the exact same version of the
      software installed locally. The bootstrap build is controlled with the
      bootstrap.foo variables rather than the normal pkg.foo variables.
      pkg.source-package can now be set to the name of another package, whose
      source code is built using the current tixbuildinfo. This feature allows
      providing multiple packages using the same source code package. By
      default, the source code of the source package is assumed to be in
      ../${pkg.source-package}, but this can be overridden with the option
      pkg.alias-of can now be set to the name of another package to specify
      that this package is an alias of the other package, creating an empty
      binary package depending on the real package.
      pkg.subdir support has been fixed in the clean and post-install phases.
      pkg-config support has been improved and PKG_CONFIG is now set to
      $HOST-pkg-config and PKG_CONFIG_FOR_BUILD is set to pkg-config.
      tix-build has been refactored as needed and generally cleaned up. Error
      handling, such as on allocations, have been added in a lot of cases. The
      support for FOO_FOR_BUILD variables have been unified and simplified.
      Appending to PATH now correctly handles the empty PATH.
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      Revert "Add <limits.h>." · 0cf88fd5
      Jonas Termansen authored
      This reverts commit f6cde2d7.
      gcc detected this header existing and emitted its own limits.h that
      included the libc limits.h. This caused the #include_next chain to reach
      the end and including the header failed.
      Undoing this commit for now until the compiler toolchain is updated to
      avoid this problem.
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