Commit d0ab651f authored by Jonas Termansen's avatar Jonas Termansen

Document the options for the kernel(7) multiboot modules.

parent 494ae2dc
......@@ -769,7 +769,8 @@ static void ExtractModule(struct multiboot_mod_list* module,
const unsigned char bzip2_magic[] = { 'B', 'Z' };
const unsigned char gz_magic[] = { 0x1F, 0x8B };
if ( !strncmp(cmdline, "--to ", strlen("--to ")) )
if ( !strncmp(cmdline, "--to ", strlen("--to ")) ||
!strncmp(cmdline, "--to=", strlen("--to=")) )
ExtractTo(desc, ctx, cmdline + strlen("--to "));
else if ( sizeof(struct initrd_superblock) <= ctx->initrd_size &&
!memcmp(ctx->initrd, "sortix-initrd-2", strlen("sortix-initrd-2")) )
......@@ -51,6 +51,56 @@ Don't warn if no random seed file was loaded by the bootloader (usually from
.Pa /boot/random.seed ) .
This option is useful for live environments where this situation is unavoidable.
The kernel accepts multiboot modules from the bootloader, which are processed
in order.
.Xr initrd 7
must be passed through this mechanism.
The format of each multiboot module is automatically detected by default:
.Bl -bullet -compact
Initialization ramdisks produced by
.Xr mkinitrd 8
are extracted in the root directory.
.Xr tar 7
archives in the ustar format are extracted into the root directory.
The bootloader must already have decompressed the archive.
If the archive contains the
.Pa tix/tixinfo
file, it is instead installed into the root directory as a
.Xr tix 7
binary package.
Each multiboot module has its own command line where the options are as follows:
.Bl -tag -width "12345678"
.It Fl \-random-seed
The module contains random data used to seed the kernel entropy gathering.
This file is supposed to contain 256 bytes of secret randomness that hasn't been
used before.
Recycling the random seed is dangerous and insecure.
Omitting the random seed will cause the kernel entropy to be insecurely seeded
with the current time and other readily available information.
The bootloader normally loads the random seed from
.Pa /boot/random.seed .
.It Fl \-tar
The module is a
.Xr tar 7
archive that is extracted into the root directory.
.It Fl \-tix
The module is a
.Xr tix 7
binary package that is installed into the root directory.
.It Fl \-to Ns "=" Ns Ar file
Write the contents of the module to the specifed
.Ar file ,
creating it with mode 644 if it doesn't exist, and truncating it if it does exist.
Non-existent parent directories are created with mode 755 as needed.
.Xr initrd 7 ,
.Xr init 8
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