Commit c8ba4b09 authored by Jonas Termansen's avatar Jonas Termansen

Add float formating and parsing compatibility macros.

parent 645ab768
......@@ -55,4 +55,44 @@
#define __pure2 __attribute__((__const__))
* Compatibility macros to advertise to ports when features become available.
* These macros are only for things that are not trivial to detect from a C
* source file (such as by a standard macro).
* The feature foo should initially have an undef preprocessor statement of the
* macro __SORTIX_HAS_FOO__ (or something like that). It should carry a TODO
* comment stating:
* - What the feature is and when the macro should become defined.
* - Which ports (if any) rely on this macro and will use the feature whenever
* the macro is defined.
* - That the macro should be removed when the specific ports have been updated
* to no longer rely on the macro. If no ports used the feature in the first
* place, it should say to remove the macro when the feature is implemented.
* The undef statement should become a define statement when the feature is
* implemented. As the each port is updated after that, the feature should
* become unconditionally used in the port, and the port is removed from the
* list here. Finally, when the list is empty, the macro is removed entirely.
* For instance, the TODO statement for the feature foo with the undef'd macro
* __SORTIX_HAS_FOO__ might say:
* "Define when foo is implemented. Remove when libbar, libqux, and libbaz are
* updated to not rely on this macro."
* Should a port become broken if a macro is defined here, the port should be
* fixed (by either fixing it or disabling the feature in the port regardless
* of the macro) before the macro is officially enabled here.
/* TODO: Define when floating point formating is implemented. Remove when gawk
is updated to not rely on this macro. */
/* TODO: Define when floating point parsing is implemented. No ports are using
this macro at this time. Remove when the feature is implemented. */
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