Commit 969a3e59 authored by Jonas Termansen's avatar Jonas Termansen

Fix signal dispatch if sigreturn is NULL.

parent ab228e10
......@@ -549,8 +549,6 @@ void Thread::HandleSignal(struct interrupt_context* intctx)
ScopedLock lock(&process->signal_lock);
// Determine which signals are not blocked.
......@@ -613,8 +611,9 @@ retry_another_signal:
assert(action->sa_handler != SIG_DFL || !sigismember(&default_ignored_signals, signum));
// The default action must be to terminate the process. Signals that are
// ignored by default got discarded earlier.
if ( action->sa_handler == SIG_DFL )
// ignored by default got discarded earlier. If execve() failed, sigreturn
// may be NULL and the process isn't able to properly process signals.
if ( action->sa_handler == SIG_DFL || !process->sigreturn )
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