Commit 4d40dd35 authored by Jonas Termansen's avatar Jonas Termansen

Run the existing sysmerge(8) in the make sysmerge targets.

The ABI may have changed and the current system might not be able to run the
new program.
parent 1791a195
......@@ -69,11 +69,11 @@ all: sysroot
.PHONY: sysmerge
sysmerge: sysroot
"$(SYSROOT)/sbin/sysmerge" "$(SYSROOT)"
sysmerge "$(SYSROOT)"
.PHONY: sysmerge-wait
sysmerge-wait: sysroot
"$(SYSROOT)/sbin/sysmerge" --wait "$(SYSROOT)"
sysmerge --wait "$(SYSROOT)"
.PHONY: clean-build-tools
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