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    Support 8-bit/24-bit color and more escape codes in the graphical console. · 0bb608b0
    Jonas Termansen authored
    The console has gained these escape codes:
     - Set color to any of 256 entries in the palette.
     - Set color to any 24-bit RGB value.
     - Inverse mode.
     - Bold mode.
     - Underline mode.
     - Move cursor to line N.
     - \a is now ignored.
    The effectively unused ATTR_CHAR has been removed. Parsing of escape codes
    has been improved. The graphical palette has been changed to the tango
    colors, which makes Sortix look a bit differently. Some user-space programs
    have been changed to use different colors that look better under the new
    Remove const from methods that weren't really const and remove mutable
    keyword workaround.
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