Commit 9321f4d7 authored by Jonas Termansen's avatar Jonas Termansen

Fix initrd_get_inode return value not being checked for error.

parent 087e3b3f
......@@ -209,6 +209,8 @@ static void ExtractDir(struct initrd_context* ctx,
PanicF("initrd_directory_open: %s: %m", name);
struct initrd_inode* child =
(struct initrd_inode*) initrd_get_inode(ctx, childino);
if ( !child )
PanicF("initrd_get_inode(%u): %s: %m", childino, name);
mode_t mode = initrd_mode_to_host_mode(child->mode);
if ( INITRD_S_ISDIR(child->mode) )
......@@ -310,7 +312,10 @@ static void ExtractInitrd(Ref<Descriptor> desc, struct initrd_context* ctx)
PanicF("initrd: .initrd-links: %m");
ExtractNode(ctx, initrd_get_inode(ctx, ctx->sb->root), desc);
struct initrd_inode* root = initrd_get_inode(ctx, ctx->sb->root);
if ( !root )
PanicF("initrd: initrd_get_inode(%u): %m", ctx->sb->root);
ExtractNode(ctx, root, desc);
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