Commit 5723610d authored by Alexandros Alexandrou's avatar Alexandros Alexandrou

Fix Ctrl+Down selecting text instead of moving cursor in editor(1).

parent 82b98b48
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ void editor_type_kbkey(struct editor* editor, int kbkey)
case KBKEY_LEFT: editor_type_control_left(editor); break;
case KBKEY_RIGHT: editor_type_control_right(editor); break;
case KBKEY_UP: editor_type_control_up(editor); break;
case KBKEY_DOWN: editor_type_control_select_down(editor); break;
case KBKEY_DOWN: editor_type_control_down(editor); break;
else if ( !editor->control && editor->shift )
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