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Add license, bare-boned usage instructions.

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......@@ -3,3 +3,67 @@ Dependencies
sudo apt-get install python-icalendar
sudo apt-get install python-lxml
The following script was used to power
set -eu
while true; do
echo ${PATH}
echo `pwd`
cd ~/hypevents
echo "=======> `date`"
echo " > start fetch"
./ -f
now=`date +%s`
last=`expr ${now} + 2592000`
first=`expr ${now} - 86400`
echo "now ${now} last ${last}"
echo "write json"
./ -w -e json -o "${OUTPUT}/" -a `date -r ${first} +%Y-%m-%d` -b `date -r ${last} +%Y-%m-%d`
mv ${OUTPUT}/ ${OUTPUT}/events.json
echo "write lsl"
./ -w -e lsl -o "${OUTPUT}/" -a "`date`"
./ -w -e lsl2 -o "${OUTPUT}/" -a "`date`"
mv ${OUTPUT}/ ${OUTPUT}/events.lsl
mv ${OUTPUT}/ ${OUTPUT}/events.lsl2
echo "write html"
./ -w -e html -o "html/events.html" -a "`date`"
cd html
cp style.css "${OUTPUT}/"
cp scr.js "${OUTPUT}/"
cp index.html "${OUTPUT}/"
mv "${OUTPUT}/" "${OUTPUT}/style.css"
mv "${OUTPUT}/" "${OUTPUT}/scr.js"
mv "${OUTPUT}/" "${OUTPUT}/index.html"
sleep 300
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