Commit 24518010 authored by Koen Martens's avatar Koen Martens

html: add vhs news item

parent f7bf5670
......@@ -13,11 +13,11 @@
<span id="headerHYP">HYP</span><span id="headerEvents">Events</span>
<div class="mainrow" id="news">
<div class="newsitem">2015-12-17: Calendar from VHS (Volks Hoch Schule) added</div>
<div class="newsitem">2015-12-16: Added Nara's Nook calendar, contains events for other grids too</div>
<div class="newsitem">2015-12-03: Added the ZanGrid event calendar</div>
<div class="newsitem">2015-11-24: Added calendar from Exo-Life Virtual World and Nextlife-World (has events for Dorenas World and Anettes Welt too)</div>
<div class="newsitem">2015-11-21: Added Lighthouse Point calendar</div>
<div class="newsitem">2015-11-19: New calendars added: Phaandoria Grid and Pirates Atoll</div>
<div class="mainrow" id="menu">
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