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  • v1.1.0.6
    Release v1.1.0.6
    Move alt_block PoW message to debug log level.
  • v1.1.0.5
    965b7b4b · Fix donation message URL. ·
    Release v1.1.0.5
    PoW related fixes by mc.  Alt_chains longer than 5 depth should now reorganize properly due to the following fixes:
    *  cryptonote_basic:cryptonote_format_utils: v2 fix: Use alt block data in generate_v2_data
    *  pow:v13:get_v3_data: Use alt chain data for pow calculation
    *  cryptonote_core:blockchain: get_alternative_chain
    *  cryptonote_core:blockchain: get_block_id_by_height: get_alternative_chain with alt chain support
    *  cryptonote_format_utils:pow: cache_hash: Cache the previous block id instead of the height. After a reorg the height may no longer match the block data, causing the wrong v2 data to be used for pow.
    *  Update seed nodes
    *  Remove checkpoints later than v15
    *  Update submodules
    *  Remove pruning.cpp/pruning.h
    *  Add gen_ssl_cert
    *  Fix typo in background mining message
    *  Add weekly to mining_status output
    *  Update ANONYMITY_NETWORKS.md, add README.i18n.md
    *  Merge in latest changes from Monero upstream in: cmake, depends, db_drivers/liblmdb, translations, src/crypto, src/blockchain_utilities, src/common, src/daemon, src/daemonizer, src/debug_utilities, src/device, src/net, src/rpc, src/simplewallet, and src/serialization
  • v1.1.0.4
    Release v1.1.0.4
    * Some trezor fixes, however further trezor bugs persist and will be resolved in a future release.
    * Sync status messages every 100 blocks instead of every 1000 blocks.
    * Pause mining when disconnected from the network or syncing to a new top block.
    * Change max outbound connections back to 8.
    * RingCT changes from upstream.
    * Fix wallet2 height estimate.
    * Changes made for Solo-GUI compatibility.
    * Fix msys build.
    * Change autodetect theshhold from 1% to 0.5% (could help with finding the right # of threads on higher core count CPUs)
    * Update submodules
    * Monero -> Solo in solo-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs
  • v1.1.0.3
    Release v1.1.0.3
    * Update mining_status command in solod to add Estimated Earnings.
    * Rename 'Expected' to 'Emission Schedule' in mining_status.
    * Add disclaimer about Estimated Earnings in mining_status.
    * Add Network Hashrate to mining_status.
  • v1.1.0.2
    Release v1.1.0.2
    *  Better logging and info displayed during syncing, but nowhere near as spammy as v1.0.4.x
    *  Merge some changes from upstream to cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl/cryptonote_protocol_handler.h
    *  Add arg_fluffy_blocks / arg_no_fluffy_blocks flags
    *  Remove obsoleted do_request_peer_id in net_node
    *  Change net_node max_connections to 3
    *  Update android64.Dockerfile
  • v1.1.0.1
    Release v1.1.0.1
    * Revert DEFAULT_THRESHOLD_PERCENT change as it breaks syncing from 0
    * Remove deprecated HardFork::get_last_version()
    * Fix importer/exporter. Increment version to v1.1.0.1
  • v1.1.0.0
    Release v1.1.0.0
    v1.1.0.0 'Carbonite' Changelog:
    * Major rebase from Monero v0.14.1.0 upstream
    * Wallet changes:
      * Trezor Support (Model T only)
      * Improved Ledger Support (Nano X)
      * Cold signing/storage support
      * Unlock time in blocks for all locked transfers in balance
      * Support resolving an OpenAlias address to a Solo address
      * Unmixable outputs can be spent again
      * Experimental TOR/I2P/SOCKS support (see ANONYMITY_NETWORKS.md)
      * Changed Commands:
        * blackball -> mark_output_spent
        * unblackball -> mark_output_unspent
      * New Commands:
        * freeze
        * frozen
        * thaw
        * hw_key_images_sync
        * is_output_spent
        * mms (Multisig Messaging System)
          * Info at https://web.getmonero.org/resources/user-guides/multisig-messaging-system.html
    * Daemon changes:
      * No spamming of sync messages during syncing
      * Cleaner logging overall
      * P2P syncing improvements
        * SSL support for syncing via new epee
        * Fix sync wedge when an incoming tx is already in the pool
        * JIT enabled, which drastically improves sync performance
      * Better output in sync_info command
      * Bug fixes and further performance improvements
      * Fix for crash on exit
      * Solo ASCII art logo after init
      * Change Hardfork DEFAULT_THRESHOLD_PERCENT 0 -> 51.
      * Change Hardfork DEFAULT_WINDOW_SIZE 10080 -> 30240 (supermajority window check length - a week)
      * New Commands:
        * mining_status
        * print_net_stats
    * Upstream changes:
      * Many changes in contrib/epee
      * Brewfile in contrib/brew/Brewfile
      * contrib/depends updates
      * db_txn_guard (blockchain_db: fix db txn ending too early) from moneromooo-monero
    * New Binaries:
      * solo-blockchain-ancestry
      * solo-blockchain-stats
      * solo-blockchain-depth
    * Renamed solo-blockchain-blackball binary to solo-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs
    * Added riscv64 support.
    * Important notes:
      * LMDB version increased to 3, so a re-sync from 0 or an import of a snapshot is recommended.
      * Wallet .cache files are incompatible with the new wallet.  Old .cache files may be deleted, please be sure to keep your .keys.  Once you load your wallet after removing the .cache file, a new .cache will be generated.
  • v1.0.4.8
    Release v1.0.4.8
    * Compile time build tests
    * General code cleanup/optimization
  • v1.0.4.7
    Release v1.0.4.7
    *  Merge in 'allow exporting uncle blocks and importing uncle blocks w/o verification' & 'allow importing of uncle blocks with verification' from cryptochangements34 (Masari).
    *  Change VAR naming 'FORK_HEIGHT' -> 'FORK_VERSION' where applicable for readability.
    *  General code cleanup.
    *  Update Makefile for Android ARMv8-A build. Add cmake/FindHIDAPI.cmake.
    *  Remove additional AES_NI check, update translations text. Add initial android64.Dockerfile.
    *  Add seed nodes
  • v1.0.4.6
    Release v1.0.4.6
    -Implement Gitlab CI for signed releases.
    -Merge in contrib/depends from Masari upstream.
    -Increase db_readers default 126 -> 1024. This helps on high core/thread count CPUs and multi-socket platforms.
    -Update seeds
  • v1.0.4.5
    Release v1.0.4.5
    v1.0.4.5 - Update seed nodes
  • v1.0.4.4
    Release v1.0.4.4
  • v1.0.4.3
    Release v1.0.4.3
    Revise seed nodes, remove lingering CURL depends.
  • v1.0.4.2
    Release v1.0.4.2
  • v1.0.4.1
    Release v1.0.4.1
    remove min-ver / obsolete functions / add a few checkpoints
  • v1.0.4.0
    Release v1.0.4.0
  • v1.0.3.8
    Release v1.0.3.8
  • v1.0.3.7
    Release v1.0.3.7
  • v1.0.3.6
    Release v1.0.3.6