Commit e090b925 authored by oclero's avatar oclero

Add fr and es translations for values in .desktop

parent 5b0e4b3d
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Solarus Quest Editor
GenericName[es]=Entorno de desarrollo integrado para Solarus
GenericName[fr]=Environnement de développement intégré pour Solarus
GenericName=Integrated development environment for Solarus
Comment[es]=Una interfaz gráfica para crear y modificar búsquedas para el motor de videojuego Solarus.
Comment[fr]=Une interface graphique pour créer et modifier des quêtes pour le moteur de jeu Solarus.
Comment=A graphical user interface to create and modify quests for the Solarus engine.
  • Please, replace the word 'búsquedas' above with 'proyectos'. To a Spanish person, and exagerating a little bit, that sounds almost like 'create and modify searches in google for the engine'. Thank you!

    Edited by Diarandor
  • Done.

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