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Thread-based, JS-like asynchronous calls for Python. Works in both
Python 2.7 and Python 3.5+.
You will be soon able to install through pypi.
.. code:: bash
git clone
cd call
# Activate virtualenv if needed
python install
The library requires no other dependencies, and (will soon) support
Python's ``await`` keyword.
Create a call:
.. code:: python
def cb(resolve, reject):
result = factorial(100)
call = Call(cb)
Chain calls with the ``then`` keyword
.. code:: python
call = Call(cb).then(lambda val: print(val))
Catch errors:
.. code:: python
call = Call(cb)\
.then(lambda val: raise Exception())\
.catch(lambda err: print('Whoops'))
Compose calls:
.. code:: python
results = Call.all([Call(cb) for _ in range(10)])
Block thread until resolved (or raises on failure):
.. code:: python
result = call.wait()
Wait for call to either resolve or reject
.. code:: python
result = # Not recommended
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