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remove prev_icons.yml due to conflict with asset-pipeline

parent e520c0fb
# Define the list of icons to preview themes:
- add.png
- cancel.png
- mass_mails.png
- store.png
# Define the main html block for each finded theme:
generate_preview_block_code: |
<div class="preview_icon_theme">
# Define the html code to show each icon:
generate_each_icon_code: |
<div class="icon_num_%ICON_NUM%">
<img src="%PATH%/%ICON_NAME%" />
# The non obvious variables are:
# %ICON_NUM% - each icon has a number equal to it's list position. It can help the layout definition.
# %PATH% - the path for the theme.
# %ICON_NAME% - the icon name without path (exatily equal the name on the icons list)
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