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# ![]( #1 Video Converter 5.2.37 - Free Download
> # 1 Video Converter is an application whose main purpose is to quickly convert video materials between different formats (AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, ASF, WMV, DivX, Xvid).
[![#1 Video Converter]()](
The authors made sure that the tool offered additional options such as combining and dividing movies into smaller parts, extracting audio tracks from films or creating automated screenshots from video frames. All these functions are available from the main application window, and their operation is very intuitive and relies only on the files that we want to execute the selected command on. In addition, support for # 1 Video Converter makes it easier for wizards to quickly select the output file and the movie save track. Before converting, you also have the option of previewing the quality of the material earlier.
In addition, the # 1 Video Converter also manages to make copies of DVDs (.VOB and .DAT files).
- **Update:** Jul 24 2017
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# ![]( 0patch - Free Download
> 0patch is a tool that dynamically blocks 0-day vulnerabilities in software that has not yet received official patches from the manufacturer.
After starting, the agent receives a list of so-called Acros Security server micro-cards that are automatically included in the computer's memory, preventing attackers from using known exploits.
Thanks to the speed of micro-sheet delivery, 0patch is able to secure the software much faster than its producers. And when the official patch is released, the micro-chip is simply turned off. We can, of course, manually control micro-cards, excluding those we do not want.
Note: the program requires registration, i.e. providing your e-mail address.
- **Update:** Aug 06 2020
- **File size:** 3.08 MB
# ![]( 1Password 7.6.780 - Free Download
> 1Password is an application that collects all passwords used in Windows. The program is also a password manager and a tool that protects access to the computer.
Therefore, he remembers all logins used by the user - both for programs and on the Internet. In addition, it automatically generates passwords for websites, e-mail, iTunes or applications. The user only needs to remember the password to access 1Password. The application supports the majority of web browsers: Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, Camino etc. It also allows you to synchronize between iPhone / iPod touch and Windows.
1Password is a paid program, but you can use a 30-day trial.
- **Update:** Jul 31 2020
- **File size:** 10.48 MB
# ![]( 2+2 matematyka for dzieci 2.2 - Free Download
> 2 + 2 mathematics for children is a program that will allow you to easily and quickly master the basic principles of the queen of sciences.
[![2+2 matematyka for dzieci](](
Let's start with the basics
From the main window you have access to several options: counting, addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. So we can learn the elementary principles of mathematics and also polish our skills in various activities.
Various mathematical tasks
Each task is based on slightly different assumptions, but in all we must demonstrate knowledge of the rules governing mathematics. We will combine dots, insert missing characters, select pictures, look for a way out of the maze, point out the appropriate drawings, and count the icons visible on the screen.
Polish language version
It is also worth mentioning that during our adventure with 2 + 2 maths for children is accompanied by the voice of the teacher who reads the instructions and praises the child when he manages to give the right answer or to correctly perform the task.
The most important functions
learning mathematics for children
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
various tasks
Polish lector
- **Update:** Apr 16 2019
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# ![]( 360 Send - Free Download
> 360 Send allows you to easily and quickly transfer data wirelessly between your computer and a mobile device running Android.
[![360 Send](](
The program can transfer files of any type and size between these devices. It is therefore possible to transfer photos, music, films, documents etc. to / from your smartphone or tablet. 360 Send is perfect for transferring data up to several GB and the transmission itself is via WiFi. With the help of the tool, we will perform a data backup from the mobile device and also migrate it to the new device.
360 Send is not currently available in the Polish language version, but its support is intuitive enough that no one should have any problems with it. For communication between the PC and smartphone / tablet, it is required to install the program on both devices and establish a connection to the same wireless network.
- **Update:** Oct 25 2018
- **File size:** 8.91 MB
# ![]( 3DP Chip 19.03 - Free Download
> 3DP Chip is a free program that allows you to easily and quickly manage drivers.
[![3DP Chip](](
After launching 3DP Chip, we will be able to read detailed information about the components of our computer (processor, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, multimedia devices, network card and others). By clicking on the icon of one of them we will check if we have the latest version of the driver. If not, 3D Chip will offer the option to download the appropriate files.
3DP Chip allows you to create a backup copy and restore installed drivers. It is worth using this functionality so that you do not have to download various drivers after reinstalling the Windows operating system.
- **Update:** Apr 11 2019
- **File size:** 3.09 MB
# ![]( 3ds Max 2020 - Free Download
> 3ds max is one of the best and most widespread programs for creating three-dimensional graphics, rendering, animating or 3D modeling.
[![3ds Max](](
It offers a whole range of advanced tools that, combined with a user-friendly interface, are perfect for both novice users and professionals. Among them, you can find an extensive animation system for biped characters (Character Studio), simulation physics (reactor) or functions to control animation through diagrams. 3ds max is most often used to create character animations in computer games and movies. With his help, among others, Polish animation Cathedral.
The huge potential of this program can also be attributed to the powerful mechanism of plugins, which in a simple and almost unlimited way can adapt the functionality and graphical interface to the individual needs of the user.
The trial version allows you to use the program for a period of 30 days.
- **Update:** Apr 04 2019
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# ![]( 3nity Media Player 5.1.0 - Free Download
> 3nity Media Player is a free multimedia player that supports all the most popular and most common multimedia formats. The program is characterized by lightness and speed of action, which can be an interesting alternative to other players.
[![3nity Media Player](](
Among the files that we can play with the help of 3nity Media Player can be mentioned for example AVI, MKV, DivX, MP4, OGG, ACC and more. The program will also easily handle the playback of Internet streams (for example, Internet radio or podcasts), reading a movie on a DVD or an audio CD. It also has options to use it as a "player" for TV cards. All this takes place as part of a light interfes whose individual elements can be activated and as needed.
Playable media can not only be viewed in a window or full screen, but also slightly improved thanks to the built-in functions such as sharpening the image, improving brightness, color saturation, or using the equalizer to adjust the sound. 3nity Media Player will also handle video files with multiple audio tracks, having menus (as in the case of DVD movies) or subtitles.
- **Update:** Feb 20 2019
- **File size:** 14.80 MB
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> 3D Creator is an interior design program developed by Black Red White. The program allows you to prepare the interior of the kitchen space yourself and pre-evaluate the project, as well as look at the photorealistic visualization.
[![3D Creator Family Line](https:](
[![3D Creator Family Line](](
3D Creator Family Line has been equipped with Family Line family furniture library, both classic and modern. The arrangement module is very simple and intuitive, so everyone can prepare their dream kitchen. At the beginning you have to choose a room template, and then you can place objects - windows, doors, bevels, furniture, lighting and additional equipment. The project can be viewed in two and three dimensions.
# ![]( 3uTools 2.37 - Free Download
> 3uTools is a free tool for managing data stored in the memory of mobile devices operating under iOS control on a computer with Windows.
With the help of 3uTools, we will be able to add and delete files, download new applications from the digital store, add wallpapers to the desktop and download ringtones. This is not the end, as it is also possible to clean the system from unnecessary files, convert video and audio, manage media, transfer photos, delete unneeded icons, back up data and restore previous settings.
3uTools also allows you to jailbreak the device (with just one click!), And thus allows you to bypass security that prevents the installation of some programs.
- **Update:** Sep 19 2019
- **File size:** 100.80 MB
# ![]( 4K YouTube to MP3 - Free Download
> 4K YouTube to MP3 is an application that allows you to download audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and save it to MP3, M4A, OGG. No complicated settings, nothing unnecessary, just loading audio
[![4K YouTube to MP3](](
4K YouTube to MP3 is an application that allows you to download audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and save it to MP3, M4A, OGG. No complicated settings, nothing extra, just download audio. Downloading is simple and pleasant, just copy the link from the browser and click "Paste Url".
Enjoy audio tracks anytime, anywhere, offline.
4K YouTube to MP3 features:
Extracts audio from YouTube videos and saves it in high quality MP3, M4A or OGG.
Allows you to download entire YouTube playlists or channels and create m3u files.
Downloads downloaded audio tracks to iTunes automatically to listen to them on your iPhone or iPod.
Listening to music using the built-in music player.
Downloads audio from popular sites like Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook and DailyMotion.
Allows you to download audio books from YouTube.
Extract audio from video embedded in HTML pages.
- **Update:** Aug 09 2020
- **File size:** 66.83 MB
# ![]( 500th Video Converter 2.0 - Free Download
> 500th Video Converter is a lightweight and multifunctional tool for converting video files in the most popular formats. It also lets you extract soundtracks from clips and burn media to optical media.
[![500th Video Converter](](
The application is very easy to use, supports batch processing and supports drag-and-drop, which simplifies the simultaneous loading of more files. 500th Video Converter allows you to convert video to AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, VCD, DVD and MP4 formats, giving the user the ability to define the basic parameters of audio and video processing (including codec, format, resolution, quality).
In addition, the program has options for extracting from the movie soundtrack and saving it to MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA files. It also enables video recording to CD / DVD / BR-D discs, video preview and recording of selected frames on disk in the form of so-called. snapshots.
- **Update:** Jun 17 2020
- **File size:** 14.72 MB
# ![]( 7thShare Android Data Recovery - Free Download
> 7thShare Android Data Recovery is a computer program for recovering data from devices working under the control of the Android operating system.
[![7thShare Android Data Recovery](](
Regardless of whether we have lost valuable data due to a hardware failure, virus or accidental deletion, 7thShare Android Data Recovery will offer us the possibility of in-depth scanning and will try to recover files. It will not be a complicated operation, because the tool is characterized by the simplicity of use, so you only need a few clicks to check whether our materials can be restored.
What data can we restore?
7thShare Android Data Recovery allows you to recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call lists and many other elements regardless of whether they were stored in the internal memory or were on the SD card.
Preview of data to be recovered
Before we decide to restore files, we will be able to read the detailed list of data to be recovered. 7thShare Android Data Recovery divides them into categories, which means that we can only look at those materials whose recovery interests us most without having to browse the entire long list.
Support for over 500 Android devices
You do not need to worry that 7thShare Android Data Recovery can not cope with our smartphone or tablet, because the application supports several hundred devices from the most popular manufacturers, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Motorola and many, many others. The program offers full support for Android 2.0 and newer operating systems, including Android 7.0 Nougat.
Features of the 7thShare Android Data Recovery program
simple and fast data recovery from Android (just a few clicks)
restore lost photos, videos, contacts, messages, call lists and more
support for several hundred models of smartphones and tablets from the most popular manufacturers
support for many operating systems (from Android 2.0 to Android 7.0 Nougat)
the ability to view the files to be recovered before starting the restore operation
- **Update:** Apr 17 2019
- **File size:** 12.07 MB
# ![]( 8K Player 4.2.0 - Free Download
> 8K Player is a very easy-to-use media player with a lossless image quality in high definition.
[![8K Player](](
The tool allows you to run movies saved on Blu-Ray and DVD media, as well as in the form of ISO files or from folders located on the hard disk. 8K Player supports both 1080p, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K, 5K and 8K video. The program copes well with MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, M4V, ASF, VOB, MTS and M2TS formats, as well as the movie's audio track saved as AVCHD, FLAC, AAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AC3 or Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 / 7.1.
8K Player allows you to record selected fragments of movies, and also allows you to record user activity on the desktop, in a running application or a computer game, making it ideal for preparing various presentations. There is also an option to create screenshots of the material you are watching.
The manufacturer of the described tool also took care of the presence of flaps. So we can add selected videos to a special menu to watch them in the next order or at other times.
- **Update:** May 30 2018
- **File size:**
# ![]( 8 Zip Lite - Free Download
> 8 Zip Lite is a small program for performing various file archiving operations.
[![8 Zip Lite](](
With this application, we will easily create a new archive of files (as many as five compression methods), open and unpack existing archives, encrypt or decrypt archives using the Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport functions, and run the contents of archives from the main 8 Zip Lite window (for example about documents, photos, films or music).
If necessary, the tool will allow you to send selected data via e-mail, make it available on the internet on social networks or put it "in the cloud" via OneDrive and Dropbox. Before doing this, it's a good idea to protect your files with 256-bit AES encryption. 8 Zip Lite has also been equipped with the function of printing files.
The free version of the 8 Zip Lite program offers only support for the ZIP format! The full version supports zip, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2 and xz (creation) formats as well as rar, zip, 7z, zipx, iso, bzip2, gzip, tar, arj, cab, cbz and cbr files (opening archives).
- **Update:** Dec 12 2018
- **File size:**
# ![]( ASUS Live Update 3.4.4 - Free Download
> ASUS Live Update is a tool that makes it much easier to update drivers and BIOS in selected Asus devices. It can automatically search for these components on official servers, and if new versions are detected, also install them.
[![ASUS Live Update](](
After launching the program is available from the system level of the tray in the form of a small icon. Clicking it brings up the main program window, in which we can configure automatic checking of the availability of new software versions. In some cases, for example, updating the BIOS may require the installation of an additional utility.
- **Update:** Jun 10 2018
- **File size:** 9.13 MB
# ![]( Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0.1993 - Free Download
> Acronis Snap Deploy allows you to share images with fully configured operating systems.
[![Acronis Snap Deploy](](
The tool is addressed to people who would have to configure many operating systems on individual computers installed, eg in enterprises, government institutions or schools. Thanks to its function, it allows you to do this once and then use the prepared image, which means that the user of Acronis Snap Deploy will save a lot of time.
Acronis Snap Deploy includes an intuitive wizard that guides you through the next steps and eliminates the risk of making major mistakes while configuring your operating system. The tool supports not only computers running Windows, but also tablets with popular "windows", and even Windows and Linux servers.
It is worth noting that Acronis Snap Deploy contains all the necessary tools to install a single image of a configured operating system on multiple computers, and then offers the ability to customize individual devices for specific tasks.
The trial version allows you to use the program for 30 days.
In order to obtain the license key required to run the test program, you must register for free .
- **Update:** Oct 28 2019
- **File size:** 990.43 MB
# ![]( Adobe DNG Converter 12.4 - Free Download
> Adobe DNG Converter is a useful tool for photographers, enabling convenient conversion of RAW files from various types of digital cameras to the Universal Digital Negative (DNG) format developed and developed by Adobe. With files of this type you can work in Camera Raw, Lightroom and many other programs for photographers.
[![Adobe DNG Converter](](
The DNG format has been developed to standardize the ways in which digital camera images are recorded and to bring order to RAW formats. Thanks to the introduction of one open format, all photos from different cameras can be opened in any program that supports DNG, even if it is not equipped with the ability to read files from a given camera.
Adobe DNG Converter handles the processing of RAW files created by most of the most popular cameras and DSLR cameras perfectly. The manufacturer ensures compatibility with over 350 devices of this type. In the tool settings, you can choose compatibility with specific versions of the Camera Raw module, the size of the embedded thumbnail, and you can attach the original RAW file to the file. The program can process whole folders in bulk, preserving their structure.
- **Update:** Aug 18 2020
- **File size:** 471.31 MB
# ![]( Adobe Lightroom CC 2.1 - Free Download
> Adobe Lightroom CC is a program for photographers, where you can catalog photos, process RAWs and prepare photos for publication or printing. The program fully synchronizes with the Creative Cloud, and through it with versions for other operating systems.
[![Adobe Lightroom CC](](
The program allows you to view and catalog photos after import to the library, where the files from it are synchronized with the cloud - also digital negatives (RAW, DNG and others). The library is available on all devices within a single Adobe ID account, and can be easily shared with others.
Possibilities of non-destructive photo editing include basic exposure adjustments and color balance, as well as more advanced ones such as fog removal, detail extraction, advanced geometry correction based on designated parallel lines, staining by range, masking effects, retouching and the like. In terms of available tools, the program is practically no different from the Classic Lightroom .
The program can be tested for 7 days without restrictions. The same photo library and changes will be visible in the Lightroom CC mobile application and interface. Adobe Lightroom CC is also distinguished by frequent updates and always supports the latest models of cameras and lenses.
- **Update:** Dec 12 2018
- **File size:**
# ![]( Adobe Photoshop Express - Free Download
> Adobe Photoshop Express is a bit limited, but made available free for users of Windows 10 version of one of the legendary programs for photo editing. Thanks to it, we will successfully prepare photos for printing or publishing on social networking sites.
[![Adobe Photoshop Express](](
The application offers a set of basic tools that are perfect for amateur photo editing. We find among them functions designed to impose on the image color themes, crop and rotate photos by a given angle, manipulating such attributes as exposure, contrast, backlight, shadows, temperature, shade, brightness or saturation.
Adobe Photoshop Express also offers a set of usable graphic effects as well as features for sharpening and reducing noise (luminance and colors). There were also tools for removing red eye and edge management.
The program is characterized by a very simple operation, which is certainly influenced by the refined graphic interface and the availability of the Polish language version. Most machining operations are based on the choice of the finished effect and the management of its intensity through the slider. For amateurs, self-correcting options have been prepared that can automatically select the best settings for a particular photo.
- **Update:** Nov 21 2018
- **File size:**
# ![]( Affinity Designer 1.5.4 - Free Download
> Affinity Designer is a vector graphics creation program, specially designed for designers. The program is able to some extent to open Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF files for editing.
[![Affinity Designer](](
The tools available in the Affinity Designer do not differ significantly from what we find in other vector graphics programs. The tray has a tool for selecting nodes, classic pen and pencil, gradient fill, transparency settings, tools for entering text and placing text on curves, trimming, arc control tool and guides. The tools are completed with a collection of ready-made shapes on which you can perform Boolean operations.
On the side of raster tools you will find a brush and an eraser, as well as selection tools (including lasso and painting selection), smudging, sharpening, blurring, burning and brightening of colors. An interesting feature is the tool "Pixel Brush", which you can paint in vector shapes, but do not lose the opportunity to further edit the paths. Another interesting tool that we will not find in other programs is a vector brush, which uses curves to apply traces imitating natural painting tools, while leaving the possibility of modification.
Affinity Designer is able to save and read files in many raster and vector formats, including partially Photoshop and Illustrator files. It can work in RGB, CMYK, LAB and grayscale spaces, with color management using a depth of 16 bits per channel. When writing, you can export each layer to a separate file, and the files can be placed as objects in other files - in this case, the changes made to the source materials will be constantly updated in other projects.
Affinity Designer is in the testing phase and can cause problems.
- **Update:** Aug 03 2020
- **File size:**
# ![]( Andy 47.260 - Free Download
> Andy is a free Android emulator, thanks to which, on a computer with a Windows or Mac OS X operating system, we will use the application of available exclusions on mobile devices.
The program has been designed so that its users can feel just like the owners of Android phones. Andy offers an interface well-known from smartphones, and also allows you to use the Google Play store, where you will find not only hundreds of games and programs (including free ones). After downloading, we will run them from the desktop of our operating system without any problem.
Similarly to other tools of this type, Andy allows you to configure a smartphone that will act as a wireless controller during the game. You can also use Xbox or PlayStation controllers. In addition, the program also supports multi-touch technology and allows you to assign keys to customize the control system to your liking.
In the case of mobile devices, we must reckon with the fact that the space on the memory card will end very quickly - using the Andy program, you can afford to install a much larger number of applications than on your smartphone. This allows you to quickly check the games or programs you are interested in using the PC without having to install them on your phone.
- **Update:** Apr 07 2019
- **File size:** 855.18 MB
# ![]( Arclab Watermark Studio 3.7.0 - Free Download
> Arclab Watermark Studio is a tool for private or commercial use, allowing you to place watermarks on your photos.
[![Arclab Watermark Studio](](
Many times there are situations in which a photo of a given author placed in the network over time is on many websites without giving the source from which the image comes from. To prevent this, we can enter a watermark (in the form of text or image) on the selected graphic using Arclab Watermark Studio. In this way, we will protect against the illegal distribution of our albums or individual photos.
Watermark prepared in Arclab Watermark Studio can both obscure our work and be visible even from a distance, as well as be in a discreet place, only to lightly indicate to whom the photograph or picture belongs. The program also allows you to place multi-layered watermarks and allows you to import image metadata to text on a watermark.
Arclab Watermark Studio can work in batch mode, thanks to which we will put a watermark on multiple files at the same time. Interestingly, the application supports the most popular formats, such as JPEG, PNG TIFF or BMP, and includes the function of resizing and converting images.
- **Update:** Oct 25 2019
- **File size:** 4.56 MB
# ![]( Artipic Photo Editor 2.9.2 - Free Download
> Artipic Photo Editor is a photo editor, thanks to which we will perform a retouch operation of the selected photo very quickly (eg remove the red-eye effect).
[![Artipic Photo Editor](](
In a situation where we want to edit many files, Artipic Photo Editor allows you to work in batch mode. All you have to do is select the available images or even entire folders, specify the editing rules (eg rotate the image by 90 degrees) and click the button to start the operation. The program offers the function of saving batch mode settings, which you can use later without having to redefine the settings.
Artipic Photo Editor contains various styles (including normal, stylized for the eighties, old card, low resolution, under water), which allow you to change the appearance of a given photo with just one click. Brushes are also available (and the ability to create your own!), Which you can paint on the photos. All effects are entered in real time and do not affect the contents of the source file - you can save them in the form of a new image.
Initially, it may seem that the user interface of the Artipic Photo Editor is overwhelming, but it is only a semblance - individual options are available at your fingertips, and the editors of the photo should be able to cope with less experienced recipients.
The trial version allows you to use the program for 30 days.
- **Update:** Dec 28 2019
- **File size:** 48.64 MB
# ![]( Asystent Korporacja 2020 20.9.8 - Free Download
> The Corporate Assistant is a suite of tools for running a company, has built-in CRM for managing contact data, the ability to plan tasks and their monitoring, invoice issue module, correspondence book, magazine, orders, dispatch orders, inquiries and offers, staff and service and complaints.
[![Asystent Korporacja](](
It allows you to verify: NIP, REGON, PESEL, ISBN, IBAN, e-mail and postal codes. It allows you to create groups and own tables for data storage. Additional options The Korporacja assistant is data encryption, quick search, extensive contact information, the ability to run multiple databases, internal messenger, UTF8 encoding support, data synchronization through import / export, import from external databases and from CSV files, interest calculator, etc.
In the Business version it can work with the MySQL server, PostgreSQL, FireBird, MSSQL, Oracle.
- **Update:** Sep 10 2020
- **File size:** 52.07 MB
# ![]( Auslogics Windows Slimmer - Free Download
> Auslogics Windows Slimmer is a free (for non-commercial use) tool designed to optimize Windows 7/8/10 systems.
[![Auslogics Windows Slimmer](](
The program consists of 3 modules, in which we find functions that mainly remove unnecessary components from the hard disk. Systematic use of them will allow the user not only to recover unnecessarily busy space on the computer disk, but also will have a positive effect on the performance of the Windows system and the programs and games installed in it.
Auslogics Windows Slimmer allows you to deletion of obsolete libraries from the WinSxS folder, old versions of Windows archived on the disk (eg after the update of the environment), temporary files of system updates, as well as Windows restore points (omitting the last three). Thanks to the described program, the user will also clean the contents of the system's recycle bin, temporary files folder, logs of various types of applications or copies of data that were stored on a CD / DVD.
Another, noteworthy tool offered by Auslogics Windows Slimmer is the manager of the applications installed on the computer. It displays a list of all available programs and games, including information on how often we use them, allowing you to carry out the operations of their uninstallation (standard and forced).
During installation, the wizard offers the user to install additional components. They are not required for the correct operation of the program and we do not recommend installing them.
- **Update:** Jul 29 2020
- **File size:** 15.21 MB
# ![]( AutoCAD 2020.1 - Free Download
> AutoCAD is a legend and the most important position on the market of 2D / 3D design applications and creating documentation. Allows you to share work using TrustedDWG technology.
AutoCAD allows you to work in an integrated computer environment, clouds and mobile solutions. The new version introduces a number of improvements in the interface (New tab, Find help tool, dark theme, Ribbon gallery, selection with the Lasso tool, command preview, model space view of variable size), design (point cloud manager, cropping and location relative to the object , target 3D orbit) and documentation (automatic bullets and numbering, matching text properties of multiline tools for upper and lower indexes of multiline text, text alignment).
Also introduced a number of other additions related to the management of Autodesk applications, work in the cloud and file operations.
The trial version allows you to use the program for 30 days.
- **Update:** Sep 23 2019
- **File size:**
# ![]( Avant Browser Ultimate 2019 Build 2 - Free Download
> Avant Browser Ultimate is an incredibly fast web browser. In this edition, Ultimate also includes Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox rendering engines, which we can switch between at any time.
[![Avant Browser Ultimate](](
The tool is available for free and has been downloaded for any ads (not including those that will appear on the websites you visit, but we can block them using the built-in adblock), not to mention viruses in spyware. Avant Browser Ultimate minimally burdens the resources of our computer, including primarily the processor and RAM (other browsers need much more memory than Avant Browser Ultimate).
Avant Browser Ultimate provides all the features specific to web browsers, and also offers other, additional options. The tool uses mainly modern technologies (Multi-Processing / Anti-Freezing), which make the chance of a "suspension" of the site is practically nil. Even if this happens, one web site will be blocked and the user will have access to the other open tabs.
In addition, we will find here a number of other useful solutions, such as a file download accelerator or the ability to detect video content presented on the site and download them with a single mouse click. Speaking of rodents, they can also be used to perform gestures, thanks to which we will control the browser by "drawing" commands on the screen.
It is also worth mentioning the full-screen mode in Avant Browser Ultimate. After selecting this option, all interface elements are automatically hidden, and in order to gain quick access to them, all you need to do is move the mouse cursor in the right direction. We can also make use of the "full window" mode, which works on the same principle as the full-screen mode, with the difference that here the toolbar remains visible.
- **Update:** Jul 02 2019
- **File size:** 107.35 MB
# ![]( Avast SecureLine VPN 5.2.438 - Free Download