Commit 46b49caf authored by Derrick Sobodash's avatar Derrick Sobodash

Adding the 1.2 update located on an old backup disk.

Don't ask me what it fixed. It's been way too many years :(
parent 7b87b8e6
NINJA 1.01 (cli)
Copyright (c) Derrick Sobodash 2004, 2012
NINJA 1.2 (cli)
Copyright (c) Derrick Sobodash 2004, 2017
1.2: Unknown bug fix, found this update in an old backup disk
1.01: Fixed binary patching to interprest a value of 0 as no known
CRC32/MD5/SHA1. It was in the specs but mistakenly passed over.
1.0: Initial release
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