Commit 667c017b authored by Alex Gleason's avatar Alex Gleason

Merge branch 'gleasonator' into 'master'

Add Lime green theme

See merge request !150
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@import 'gabsocial-light/variables';
$gab-brand-default: #1ca82b;
$gab-background-base-light: #fafff9;
$gab-background: $gab-background-base-light;
$ui-base-color: #f5fff0;
$ui-highlight-color: $gab-brand-default;
$nav-ui-highlight-color: #69f31f;
$ui-base-lighter-color: darken(#69f31f, 35%);
@import 'application';
@import 'gabsocial-light/diff';
.public-layout .footer ul li a {
color: lighten($gab-brand-default, 10%);
.floating-action-button {
filter: hue-rotate(-175deg);
......@@ -5,3 +5,4 @@ contrast: styles/contrast.scss
halloween: styles/halloween.scss
neenster: styles/neenster.scss
glinner: styles/glinner.scss
lime: styles/lime.scss
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